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Posted by AllK_Maknae Friday, June 16, 2017

Comments of the Week (third week of June 2017)

As always, Comments of The Week is here to entertain you, make you think, or maybe bring a little laughter into your life! Check out the list below and see if your comment made it on the list below!

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At first, I thought maybe he ate the ice-cream in an incredibly sexy way. But nope, he just rapped about it and boom - instant success.

I do smell a CF in the future, as well as more K-Pop raps about ice-cream.

Just when you thought anti-fans couldn't get any more outrageous they go and do this B.S.

Show yoself - keyboard warriors!

While I am all for I.M.I, but I was completely caught off guard at "NU'EST and the Boys."

NU'EST IOI? Ohhhh the shade is too real!

Although BOI would've been interesting too... I would've said Yeahhhhh BOIIIII like Flava Flav.

Too bad they went with WANNA ONE though.


It looks like this comment is also the style of your fellow AKP commenters:

I don't know about cheap but GD is about them gold and diamonds boy.

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