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Moon Hee Jun attempts to correct misunderstanding that he was putting on concerts to save money for marriage

By jennywill   Sunday, February 12, 2017   66,639   3,268   52



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Moon Hee Jun tried to straighten misunderstanding about his comments.

His fancafe went up in fire over him apparently saying that he was putting on his concert to save money for his marriage. On JTBC's 'Sing For You' on the 14th, he had replied to a question asking, "Aren't you spending a lot of money as you prepare for your wedding?". He has answered, "I think, 'Why did I save up so much money? I saved up money for this moment.' I'm preparing for my wedding very happily."

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Fans took this to mean that he had been putting on concerts - especially his most recent 20th-anniversary concert - to make money for his wedding with Crayon Pop's Soyul. They expressed anger and disappointment and argued they were not 'ATM's for his wedding. Not only that, they claimed Crayon Pop members had shown up to his concert in hair rolls and had put their feet up onto railings, disrupting the concert.

In reply, he wrote a lengthy post on his fancafe, writing, 

I'm scared to even just make a post now ㅠ I'm worried about how my words would be misunderstood, twisted, or hurtful for my fans, but I can't say something that's not true is right... So I'm trying to be brave.
I lived with a lot of injury from various made up words, and I'm always thankful to fans, in a way I can't even express in words, that always protected me and righted misunderstandings, and I'll always feel that way.. I feel a lot of things, but one of the worst things is that I put up my 20th anniversary concert to make money for my wedding.
On broadcast, I was asked if preparing for a wedding was expensive, and I answered that I had made money for that purpose. By that, I meant that I should spend money where I need it, and I never talked about the recent concert ㅠ
And the statements saying Moon Hee Jun only thought of fans as ATMs? I never thought like that even for a moment, and I'm so sad. I couldn't say anything because I was scared you would misunderstand, starting from when I announced my marriage, to stories about how [Crayon Pop] watched the concert (even though I said it wasn't true, you don't believe me... but what didn't happen, didn't happen ㅠ) and stories about my mother coming to the radio if I tried to explain, so I couldn't say anything. I kept my words because I was afraid my explanations might hurt a fan somehow.
But if I don't say anything because of these reasons to what's being said now, I don't have the confidence to bear through misconceptions the public would have about me as truth. It's probably because I know how painful, how scary that is, that I'm taking courage to write this. I don't think I could get up again if I fell because of misunderstandings...
Also, there was talk about the birthday party. I'm so thankful that you invited me, congratulated with me, and gave me presents. But right now, I've become someone who was forcing presents out from fans. I was looking forward to it because if I don't have performances, it's the one time that I can meet fans, but I think it's better not to have the birthday party. If someone was bothered, it must be the best not to have it at all. ㅠ
I'm scared now even to have concerts. It's unimaginably paintul to think about now being able to stand on stage as a singer, but I'm not confident that I can take more words that say I'm having the concert to prepare for my wedding. I feel like in the end, I'm not able to do anything as a singer. I'm so frustrated and sad. I know very well that fans are pained and exhausted. But I can't take any more pain, either.
I'm scared if you'll believe me or this will be problematic again, and I'm sad that this is happening between a singer and his fans. But I know there are fans who are congratulating my marriage, and I'm so thankful. But something I do want to say after gathering my courage is that people are saying that the reason they're saying these things is really not because I'm getting married, but if I didn't get married, would these things have been said? I ask that you don't twist the singer Moon Hee Jun's 20 years of putting fans first, always thinking of fans, and being passionate about music.

What do you think about the situation?

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Winston Monday, February 13, 2017

As a fan of a idol group, i would rather PAY money to a singer or a group at their concert than to pay money to buy concert items, like towels, socks, paper fans, and such. at least when u pay for the concert ticket, u are paying to watch his performance and talent. but its the concert items and merchandise that is truely ripping off fans as you are just purchase products not related to his talent or singing.

krell Monday, February 13, 2017

MOON HEE JUN = DON'T WANT to Live Like a *REFUGEE* !!! ... 


krell Monday, February 13, 2017

As observation, MOON HEE JUN does *not* seem like he is EARNING MONEY at say the INCOME LEVEL that (BIG BANG Group) G-DRAGON is. One would *guess* that some of the 'envy hostility' might be based on 'INCOME ENVY.' Somehow, certain IDOLS like G-DRAGON seem to be able to play a 'TEFLON GAME' where NOTHING *negative* seems to 'stick to them' all that much. SUZY (MISS A Group) comes to mind here too. Whereas other IDOLS seem *not* so fortunate.

crazyft Monday, February 13, 2017

why anger ? this is the truth though for all idols and actors

DirronDeHumen Monday, February 13, 2017

wut......Fans are complaining that he's using his main line of work and his main source of income for his wedding.....what even, where else is he getting money from, a fucking magical portal?

nami_chan Sunday, February 12, 2017

They are just jealous because he got married, like b*tch please, where  do you think idols get their money?, get over it or just be happy that your fave used the money for a precious moment of his life and you helped for that xD.

skyisblue Sunday, February 12, 2017

It's okay dude. Don't be ashamed of working hard and making money. Weddings cost alot. Taking care of your kid later will cost alot too. Fans can be so harsh sometimes.

kimmiefonze Sunday, February 12, 2017

He's an entertainer, where do you think he got his money from, embezzling public funds?

thefabcat92 Sunday, February 12, 2017

he spent 20 years slaving himself to you fans!

krell thefabcat92 Monday, February 13, 2017

You just now 'inspired' me to post and dedicate an MV to MOON HEE JUN ... I'll add the URL for it here, in a couple minutes.

krell thefabcat92 Monday, February 13, 2017 ... <-- Hope you get LOL on this MV (posted above on this AKP Article here)

Whoooo Sunday, February 12, 2017

whats wrong with him saving his money for his wedding? Thats how life works, you work for the money and u save it so you can get something u need or want. Its not like he is forcing them to give their money to him.

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