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Shinhwa's Eric makes the slowest fast food breakfast on 'Three Meals a Day'

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'Three Meals a Day' was treated to the slowest fast food breakfast ever by chef Eric

On the December 2 installment of tvN's 'Three Meals a Day,' Eric rolled up his sleeves to make a grand breakfast for the team. He ambitiously declared, "I will make pancakes, sweet potato mousse, custard cream, and hash brown," making everyone excited. 


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The singer then set out to make this McDonald's-inspired 'Ric-Morning Set.' However, unlike that fast food name, the dishes proved to be 'slow foods'! He had to prepare potatoes, sweet potatoes and other ingredients all by hand. 

When the breakfast was finally completed, Producer Na said, "Who is going to order from this 'fast food' restaurant if it takes 4 hours to make?!" 

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Huskyhusky Saturday, December 3, 2016

Oh please...Not again complaining about the time. Eric did all cooks by himself while Lee Seo Jin does nothing except making fire (which also failed and it was taken by Yoon Kyun Sang later on). He doesn't use any modern tools. The menu itself also not a simple one. What do you expect when they even don't have refrigerator, gas or even a blender? Just comparison, for making morning coffee, Lee Seo Jin needs help from Gyun Sang while Eric did all the 3-4 menu by himself and they just help him to decorate the food when it completed lol. If you watched the previous episodes, you may know that Eric is deadly tired for always cooking without rest and not to mention he did fishing and cleaning the fishes and even washing dishes too, especially the episode when they got many fishes. He did all menu like 4 different menu by himself. Gyun Sang and Lee Seo Jin cooked one menu (grilled eel) but it got burnt lol. Sorry to say, but this show clearly showing the title should be two brothers with their maid instead of three brothers. Until now, I don't see Lee Seo Jin make good move instead of just checking time all the time, which is annoying. They should give respect to Eric for the efforts he make. If they want eat faster, then help him. Oh well, they even don't know what they should do.

since1991 Huskyhusky Monday, December 5, 2016

You are so was Eric's mistake. He's over ambition...even Na PD said he is slow at Kooning. Eric shoould know how manage Chef Cha is so efficient. If Eric read your reply he will feel sad why he has such a fan like you.

Huskyhusky since1991 Monday, December 5, 2016

Cha Seung Won season has refrigerator so they can keep food fresh and prepare everything at night. But in this season all fresh made. How can you ask him to manage time while he even also participate in fishing and driving them to the sea. He lost energy for those already. If you watch episode 8, you can see Seo Jin and Kyun Sang also as slow as him. This is not because they're slow but they all not get used to. Cha Seung Won is married person and he's definitely familiar with cooking. Of course he's faster tho.

shannnnt Saturday, December 3, 2016

My favourite variety show rn. Every season is worth looking forward to. The one with Cha SeungWon is nice too haha.

Bella_Han Saturday, December 3, 2016

Of course it took 4 hours to make it that food .. and also he make for more than one portion .. most of the time he made food by himself.. i'm quite get enough for people telling him too much slow.. yes, he is slow,  then so what .. ??  If you want to eat his food ,  you have to with it... if u dont want to wait then cook by urself... #annoying

smokeee Saturday, December 3, 2016

i look forward to this show mainly because of Eric's cookinig and i love how they survive off of fishing and plants.  everything is organic.  i had a hard time watching previous seasons since the situation is so different, and Eric turned this show into a more cooking show than previous seasons it looks like.  i dont really like the 2 others, seojin is annoying.  i wish they had more guests to eat Eric's cooking and not hamani guests either.  its also weird to me how the PD and crew always walk into the show to eat their leftovers and stuff.  i never seen that.

kiyocat Saturday, December 3, 2016

I love the show! The casts inc the cats are so cute!

ELF_L Friday, December 2, 2016

This show is great. Slow, quiet, and relaxing  <3

thefabcat92 Friday, December 2, 2016

he had to start everything from scratch, of course it's gonna take 4 hours. i'd rather eat cup ramen thenn

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