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K-Netizens react negatively to Kim Yoo Jung's decision to not attend any film events in January

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Kim Yoo Jung's label had officially announced earlier today that the actress wouldn't be attending any film showcase events in the month of January, but this decision has met with some backlash from the public.

Recently, Kim Yoo Jung was sent to the emergency room for severe symptoms of a cold. Several days later, she was hospitalized for stress and shock. Ever since, the actress had to cancel all of her interviews as well as her other schedules to focus on her recovery. Kim Yoo Jung has been hospitalized now for four days and have decided to not attend the upcoming film-related events for 'Because I Love You,' which will be released on January 4 and also stars Cha Tae Hyun

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According to her agency, the actress caught a bad cold after attending 'Yahoo Asia Buss Awards' in Hong Kong and was hospitalized. After she was released, she attended a movie event on December 26 but afterwards had to be re-admitted to the hospital due to stress-induced shock symptoms. 

However, Korean netizens are reacting negatively to the news, calling her "irresponsible" and "arrogant." 

One wrote, "It must be hard for her to endure a momentary negative feedback since she is so young and, up until now, everyone's been spoiling her...As a celebrity, she will have to face something like this often. Anyway, she should apologize as needed and quickly recover." 

Another netizen wrote, "Her arrogance is just becoming public. She was always described as self-centered. In '2 Nights 1 Day,' people were busy praising her as if she were a princess, so she cannot help being self-centered. That's why she was like that, even if it was only for 5 seconds. 19-years-olds are usually more polite...This is why characters are so important." 

One netizen commented, "...You need to do what is your job, responsibly. Reflect on your own wrongdoing. And agency, what do you take the public for...So tacky. Don't say 'stress-induced shock.' That's so strange. It's not 1988. Such an old method. She's on social media a lot, so why not upload her own apology. Stress shock? Is she fighting to keep her pride against the public? Does she want to hear, 'Yoo Jung didn't do anything wrong?' As an actor, you should do the schedule that's been given to you responsibly. I know you're young, but where is your sense of responsibility? I can see what you're doing. You do something wrong, then blame people who criticized you by saying you have health issues and then come back." 

What do you guys think about the agency's decision to pull Kim Yoo Jung out of public events, and what do you think about K-netizens' responses? 

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pkjustice Saturday, December 31, 2016

Seriously, what is wrong with them. All they do is backlash on her appearances and how she behaves. Have they even once considered her HEALTH??? She is a normal human like the rest of them; she has the right to stay in the hospital when she is sick and not feeling well. NOT subjected to their cruelness even when she is feeling unwell. Also, it is not like they never got sick before. When one is sick, they feel tired and sluggish. The priority is to get enough rest. Even if she made an appearance, they will just criticize her for not being in her best her appearance or looking sad and tired, but whose fault will that be then??? They need to use their head and brain. They are demons and devils who are taking on their boredom on someone else. In addition, why does she need to apologize to the likes of them??? SHE DOES NOT HAVE TO APOLOGIZE FOR GETTING SICK. AND THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO DEMAND AN APOLOGY. Have they ever thought that because of people like them, horrible (demon) netizens, that she does not want to make an appearance.

Alla_Bord Saturday, December 31, 2016

They just show the world that they are stupid judgemental nazis!  They find anyone with a little weakness and attack.   Just hoping that those who are with Ms. Kim, now not let her read stupid derogatory remarks from various news bullets, like in here and other news stories.  Is there no law in Korean to put these crazies in their places?  Why does not her agecny or sponspors protect her and file lawsuit against these trolls?  So. Korea going through bad epidemic of flu.  No one is immune, sooner or later someone get it.  Kim, got it in Hong Kong promotion, bring it home with her.  No fault, she did not know or at that time she did not feel so sick.  I would give Kim off from anything for 3 months to re-coop.  So. Korea, soon might lose help from foreign investors, new guy coming into big white house in USA.  Things will be changing drastically for whole world too.

Mercy_Ungu Saturday, December 31, 2016

Who do you think you are Korean netizen ?? God ?? Even God forgive his people

themsbabyg Friday, December 30, 2016

Hey public,  who do you think you are .. empress?Queen?

sehunniebun Friday, December 30, 2016

Wtf is wrong with knetz? They all are fucking stupid what does she need to apologize for? Let her fucking rest

LordLiar18 Friday, December 30, 2016

I'm not a big fan of her but i what is it with those fans... The girl needs rest so leaveher alone!! Lots of celebs woulb be exhausted with all this tight schedule, not to mention she's just a teenager..

MISSKATRYN Friday, December 30, 2016

Here come k-netizens hypocrites. If and idol/actor is taking some time for himself to recover/rest they are bashed for irresponsibility and being self-centred. If an idol/actor is almost probably dying k-netizens praise "what a good person he/she is" and "she/he is such a hard-worker".  There's no hypocrisy as korean netizens.

aylinh Friday, December 30, 2016

Apologize my ass, y'all should stop with your hating shit. Apologize for 3 sec of sticking her leg out, why don't u fuckers apologize for hating on her for such a trivial thing since that's more reasonable? You fakers probably done worse shit, so stop with your hypocrisy ass. I know your lives stink but stop obsessing with this teenager.

amheizing Friday, December 30, 2016

Those haters will get mad at her whatever she does. 😏 poor Yoo Jung 💔

kpoplolipop Friday, December 30, 2016

Can they leave this girl alone??? What business is it theirs if she doesn't attend an event of a movie SHE stars in and they don't. It might be her job but it looks more like she's not comfortable for whatever reasons (maybe including backlash she got recently ) to go and that's ok. Her mental health is important too.

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