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JYP Entertainment's CEO reveals which group earned the most profit in 2016

By alice101   Friday, December 23, 2016   334,666   25,436   0



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How does the CEO of JYP Entertainment view this past year? E-Daily sat down with JYP CEO Jung Wook to find out. 

The CEO could not hide his satisfaction with TWICE's achievements this year. He stated, "TWICE's 'Cheer Up' ranking first place in the yearly chart symbolizes that JYP Entertainment is properly entering the new stage...TWICE was the first group that we produced after we changed our system."

He added, "This is just the beginning for TWICE. They should stay humble because they still have a long way to go," but he expressed his pride for the group, saying, "As for their achievements, they've done far better than expected...The execution was better than we planned." 

Traditionally, JYP groups always used J.Y. Park's songs as their title song. However, TWICE was the first group that used all non-J.Y. Park songs. Instead, the agency started to listen to other staff members opinions. As for TWICE's successful songs, they were all composed by Black Eyed Pilseung.

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Regarding the company's profit makers of the year, CEO Jung Wook shared, "TWICE is in fourth place, following 2PM (#1), Suzy (#2), and GOT7 (#3) in profit...As the company's growth model changes, TWICE has more potential for profit increase." 

It appears 2PM's popularity in Japan and their numerous concerts there is bringing the most profit for JYP.

It is true that for a while, JYP struggled compared to SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment in terms of profit and size. As those two companies grew, JYP fell behind. However, this year, TWICE, Wonder Girls, Bae Ah Yeon, and Baek Yerin were regularly topping charts in Korea and abroad. This marks the new beginning for JYP Entertainment. 

About these changes, President Jung Wook said, "Currently, JYP's system is becoming more solid. We still have some anxiety, but we are carefully planning for the next year for TWICE and other artists." 

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lovehoney234 Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Jojo_Dancer Tuesday, December 27, 2016

JYP is killing it.

fxcx09 Monday, December 26, 2016

GOT7 and 2pm's concerts were really big man. I live in Malaysia and one VIP ticket to Got7's concert ticket itself was already RM600+ so no wonder JYP's earning so much off of them. I didn't expect 2pm to be number one though so congrats! Suzy is obviously a high earning one but it's sad to see just her name and not miss A's. As for Twice, seriously not bad at all for considerably newbies. Just wait till Twice starts holding concerts or world tours. Looking forward to more JYP artists in the future.

fxcx09 Monday, December 26, 2016

Also what's with the sajaegi claims? Obviously these people don't know how profits work. Most major companies don't get a ton of profits from merely digital sales or album sale. Profits usually come from CF deals or concerts/tours. Duh Twice is not on top of the list bcs they havent even had their first concert yet let alone world tour and as far as I see it, JYP is still promoting them through variety shows and a lot of comebacks instead to boost up the hype since they are still fairly new. Good way of promotion if u asked me, so the sales will explode once they do hold concerts and world tours.

khunny fxcx09 Thursday, December 29, 2016

actually 2pm's concerts are hella bigger compared to got7. they did 4 tokyo dome concerts in total with 200,000+ fans. even junho, jun.k solo concerts exceeded 50,000 fans. their popularity is insanely huge in japan. you don't have to be surprised about them being breadwinner of jype because they have ranked #2 on oricon chart 2016 after bigbang in japan. everything in japan is expensive including concert tickets, albums, concert goods, etc... so no wonder 2pm is among most wealthy idols in kpop. according to jype 2pm made 80% of jype's profit last year as the main artist of the company. jype gets more money from japan than any other country. i guess as jype mentioned before they will make twice as the main artist after 2pm's enlistment. company will make junior groups (got7, twice) work their asses off (x 100 times more than now) in future.

kitty88 Sunday, December 25, 2016

can i bet even if twice doing tours, they would not be the most profit to jyp except if that year twice the only group active while got7 and 2pm arent

KimAC Sunday, December 25, 2016

Interesting. I would never have thought Twice would be 4th place based on all the acknowledgement the last year (even though I don't like them) I never want to hear Cheer Up Baby again since I heard it so many times watching variety shows and never watched their actual videos. Glad to see GOT7 and 2PM up there. The music business is a funny thing with so many different people and their individual tastes. Thanks to the comments here. My first time hearing the term "sajaegi". This can pretty much be applied to any group or singers all over the world since sales of albums or singles doesn't make them much money.  I recently watched a show where they mention girl who sang with Taeyang on Fantastic Duo had so many millions of view on Youtube but what made me laugh, it probably wasn't her that caused so many people to view the video, it was Taeyang I am sure. Anyway, its good to see all groups making some well earned money. These groups work like dogs for little pay in Asia. In my opinion, these girl/guy groups need to focus more on increasing their audience. I as a girl would not go looking for Twice songs and the same if I was a guy, I wouldn't be looking at SHINee vids. They need to think about bringing in fans from both sexes if they want to last longer.  Lets hope 2017 is a good year for music in general.

clarissaxd Sunday, December 25, 2016

idk why i forget that twice is part of jyp

mad Saturday, December 24, 2016

Senior group like BigBang, Super Junior, SNSD, 2PM, Shinee (just name a few) won various awards in their golden era. They are true winner because they won without 'sajaegi' like today. Let's see how long this rookies group will survive with sajaegi in this industry.

sooldicantkeepup mad Sunday, December 25, 2016

what's sajaegi? can you please explain? i'm not really familiar with the new kpop groups and its thing..

deputy57 sooldicantkeepup Sunday, December 25, 2016

Basically inflating sales numbers I think

skyfall53 Saturday, December 24, 2016

Queen Suzy, merry christmas~may every moment in your life be a blessing~

intricate Saturday, December 24, 2016

lol these TWICE sajaegi accusations... people still think sajaegi has an actual significant influence on an artist's profitability? hahahahh....

michinpabo intricate Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sajaegi relies on sheep mentality. People start checking out an artist because they did well on the charts so basically false popularity leads to real popularity which leads to profitability.

intricate michinpabo Saturday, December 24, 2016

you can reach that effect simply by having all the employees of a company tell their friends and family about it. So if sajaegi is used it doesn't require more than a couple hundred downloads right after release to get the trend going. People are saying TWICE isn't #1 because the sajaegi was that costly... there's not much that's sillier to say than that. Especially considering having those employees ask their friends and family to download it is free.... Now, since previous articles have established that there are around 124 employees in JYP, and assuming that every employee downloads the song, and is able to convince 2 others or more to download the song you already have around 500 downloads just from that. That is way more than enough to get them to the top of any real time chart.... JYP doing sajaegi.. lol..... maybe a small company like crayon pop's might actually have a use for it but... hahahahah....

hihiw intricate Sunday, December 25, 2016

okay lets say what you said that just 500download is more than enough to make it top but then how about after the first hour of release ?? i mean from 1am to 6-7am they are sleeping maybe they just leave it streaming by its own so there no download on that time but they still in #1 although the others group's have more thousands of fans streaming at the same time but still couldn't achieve #1 lol jyp might not doing sajaegi for their boy group so thats why ppl think they are innocent and wont suspect jyp doing sajaegi at all. you are so confused arent you? i bet you are not that long in this kpop world. what crayon pop doing sajaegi hahahahha you can see they arent because millions of ppl really know about that and they arent #1 always when its first week release too lol i pity ppl like you whose being lied but think you arent and act like you know EVERYTHING

intricate hihiw Sunday, December 25, 2016

ppl are saying the sajaegi is causing the profit to not be as high, but that notion in itself is already moronic. Anyway, anybody who is anybody in KPop was already saying those TWICE tracks were going to top all the charts right when they were released, and sajaegi has nothing to do with it. Whatever the reason is, some ppl just can't handle being wrong about something or even seeing how some group they don't particularly like are doing particularly well for reasons they don't understand because they're just that new to this thing. So sad...

intricate hihiw Sunday, December 25, 2016

Also, to explain why it requires only a little to cause the chart topping effect. If you have a very high amount of downloads during the first hour the chart has already been topped, all the rest comes down to ppl downloading the #1 track.. so that's where the continued downloads come from. Actual sajaegi like ppl think is used doesn't work the way ppl think it does. It's incredibly inefficient. If you want to call the first hour boost sajaegi fine.. but the cost of that initial boost is almost 0.

whatever101 Saturday, December 24, 2016

what a complete difference in JYP and YG from SM that the hoobaes cant lay a finger on their sunbaes in terms of income.

michinpabo whatever101 Saturday, December 24, 2016

To be fair, the sunbaes are usually at the peak of profit making. Their names are already out their, their fandom is at it's highest and they have enough discography to be able to do concerts without singing the same songs. Doing concerts is where the real money is at so, until TWICE or BP or whoever start doing concerts, they will never bring in more profit than their sunbaes.

Kawaii8 whatever101 Saturday, December 24, 2016

but in SM the older groups still make a lot more money. TVXQ (before enlistment) was their biggest money maker because they made tonnes of money from touring. same with big bang who are still #1 in YG....

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