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[Drama Review] 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' - Episode 6

By AllK_Maknae   Saturday, December 3, 2016   60,162   14,224   11



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Get ready for some real tear-jerking moments because the character's of 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' not only undergo some sad trips down memory lane but also encounter some painful experiences in the present well.

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With the last episode leaving us in utter shock as Jun Ji Hyun is sent to the ER after being struck by a car, the drama doesn't pull any stunts. Jun Ji Hyun is in critical injury and Lee Min Ho discovers the scattered fliers she was previously selling on the streets of Seoul, thus prompting his search for her.

Honestly, I'm rarely brought to tears, especially over cliche moments like the ending of this episode (which will be discussed momentarily), but when Jun Ji Hyun dies in the hospital bed and is revived in time to witness Lee Min Ho clasping her hands ready to cry, I felt something in my bitter heart. The way she whispers, "I had a dream - you held my hand and saved my life," had me questioning if someone was cutting onions in my room.

Me trying not to cry right now!

But Jun Ji Hyun's antics just keep getting better and better! I'm loving how much she is learning from watching K-Dramas and how she thinks anyone with water on their side of the table will be prepared to throw it at others. Also, the moment she drop-kicked the hospital director had me dying on the floor with him - but fortunately with laughter. 

I still adore her never ending eating habits as well and how she cried over spicy seafood noodles when she was forced to fast by the doctor's command.

Collectively, her humorous behaviors are winning me over each and every time and I feel Jun Ji Hyun is the only reason this drama is staying afloat.  Sadly, it seems to be the only thing keeping me interested in the drama so far because there is a natural curiosity that develops due to how she observes the world. 

But I keep thinking to myself: If she learned some of these words or meaning in the past, why is she suddenly trying to learn them all over again? Does she not have a deeper  memory from the past?

Speaking of the past, it turns out I had the wrong impression of Lee Min Ho's brother Heo Chi Hyun all along. Clearly a wolf in sheep's clothing, Heo Chi Hyun is revealed to have a history of having a bitter personality and tormenting Lee Min Ho regarding the relationship he has with his father and his missing mother.

Now that it is revealed Heo Chi Hyun discovered where Lee Min Ho is hiding and is aware that Jun Ji Hyun is his potential love interest, it makes viewers question if the car accident was intentional after all - especially since they didn't really show why he was driving there and how he hit her in the first place.

ERMAHGWAD - Jinyoung, you so cute though!

Once again, the directors of 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' have lessons to teach as Jun Ji Hyun continues to learn about plenty of wonderful morals in life (mainly regarding love) through secondary characters - like the woman whose daughter died due to the hospital's negligence.

"Despite the pain and not being able to sleep or eat, I still want to remember my daughter and keep loving her in my heart," - and boom goes the dynamite. Usually, it is the finale that brings me to tears but episode six was out to ignite our feelings. The fact that Jun Ji Hyun offers to use her powers to help the woman forget her daughter only to have the woman refuse Jun Ji Hyun's offer... I'm tearing up just writing about it.

No matter what, it is better to just be happy with the relationship you had and the beautiful feelings it brought you than to never have had it at all.

In the end, I was starting to feel relieved to have seen a whole episode without that creepy killer Ma Dae Young... until the crucial ending. 

Ma Dae Young ends up killing Lee Min Ho's original caregiver once his mother had left after he met with Lee Min Ho. The caregiver begged Lee Min Ho to come home to meet with his family and, sadly, Lee Min Ho was rather stand-offish towards him! Crazy! Proof that you have to be kind to the ones who love you before it may be too late.

Just like in the past, history truly is repeating itself and it is becoming clearer with each and every episode. Ahn Jin Joo, alongside Ma Dae Young, will not give up so easily and will do everything in their power to ruin Lee Min Ho and will definitely cause harm to Jun Ji Hyun in the future for certain.

At least we can have a moment of relief as the credits roll up after Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun are seen lying together in the snow and he asks her to whisper "saranghae" (I Love You). The romance is blossoming nicely, not too fast and not too slow, and the pace of the story line is picking up in the process. With no real cliffhangers or emotional situations, no one can predict what will happen in episode seven until next week!






  1. Lee Min Ho
  2. Jun Ji Hyun

nami_chan Monday, December 5, 2016

I like the drama, they are so funny xD

kunchokmin Sunday, December 4, 2016

After boys over flower, I thought Lee min ho wasn't that attractive. But now viewing him at this point makes me want to marry him. Suzy is lucky lady :)

kddicted Sunday, December 4, 2016

I can't really get myself obsessed with it but I'm still watching it because I love the actors especially Jun Ji Hyun, she's so pretty and hilarious as well as a good actress. The visual of the drama is good

melon Saturday, December 3, 2016

She's funny but for some reason I'm not that into the drama. I find the evil guy really annoying. Like what is he trying to do anyway just appearing randomly everywhere. Kinda make me feel like a bit of like the drama W.

GirlyTurtle Saturday, December 3, 2016

Is it bad that I burst out laughing when she flatlined? I just thought that it was obvious that she wasn't really dead, since it's only episode 6.

SahanaE Saturday, December 3, 2016

For some reason I can't get into this drama. I watched the first 3 episodes and lost interest. To be honest, I like Weightlifting Fairy better.

LittleSukie Saturday, December 3, 2016

Last scene in the episode 6 had me in stitches.With Jun Ji Hyun I just can't :D She is super fun to watch.

nami_chan LittleSukie Monday, December 5, 2016

haha I loved that scene omg she is soo funny xD

LittleSukie nami_chan Monday, December 5, 2016

YAAS. This and the scene when she tried to mug that little girl are my favs.

TenDollar Saturday, December 3, 2016

I'm going to be honest, this drama is beyond terrible. 12 year old girls might like it, but it fails to appeal a more mature audience. I've watched all of Jun Ji Hyun's works and this is by far the worst. Lee Minho has always been known for terrible and sappy dramas, such as Boys over Flowers, which to this day is the worst drama I have ever seen. Worse than a Disney teen show.

Yoona11 TenDollar Sunday, December 4, 2016

haha All his drama are popular n global (BBF,The Heirs, City Hunter)...

The End



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