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Jung Chae Yeon denies getting special treatment from company CEO

By alim17   Friday, November 11, 2016   63,514   4,229   0



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Although MBK Entertainment has been coming undone these recent years, Jung Chae Yeon has been helping it out with her recent bout of popularity.  This has led some people to wonder if she was getting special treatment from the CEO, Kim Kwang Soo.

Regarding this, she said in a new interview, "Definitely not.  The CEO has never made any special comment or given me any special treatment regarding my singing on stage and acting.  I think all he does is monitor me often because not too long ago, he told me, 'Fix your posture when you're acting.'  Also, he knows I'm so busy these days that he said to me, 'Your schedule is also a mountain you have to surpass, things you have to overcome.  You also have to go through difficult situations.'  Honestly, I had been a bit sad, but his words made me feel better."

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It turns out that Jung Chae Yeon had wanted to become an actress.  She caught Kim Kwang Soo's attention, so he put her in a girl group because of her gaze, even though she did not know how to dance or sing properly.  

"While I was in Mnet's 'Produce 101,' I asked the CEO, 'Why did you cast me?'  At the time, I didn't know how to do anything, and even more, I was fat," she said.  "But he replied that he liked the look in my eyes.  He must have thought I could do anything I was told to do."

Hearing this, an employee at the agency stated, "Most people aspiring to be idols don't speak when they look into the CEO's eyes, but Jung Chae Yeon was different." Jung Chae Yeon revealed that when she first met the CEO, she had not known who he was. She had thought he was an ordinary employee in the agency.  She found out after she went back home and did an internet search.  

She said, "Honestly, during the meeting, I had not known who the CEO was and after we finished talking, I said, 'I will consult my parents and give you an answer after,' and left.  I went home and did a search, then realized belatedly, 'Oh, that person was the CEO?'  I simply wanted to experience working as an actress; I had no idea about the entertainment world or agencies.

"If I had not come into the agency, I would be nothing right now.  That's why I'm grateful to the agency and am also fascinated by this.  I comprehended the things other idols did while practicing for about five years and feel like I did that in about one year.  I had some difficult times during that period, but I found methods to doing things so I wish I'd do even better next year."

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stargaxing Saturday, November 12, 2016

lol tho ?? she may be extremely hardworking but i think it's pretty obvious that she gets special treatment from the ceo since she was never the center back when she hadn't been in ioi, but now you can clearly see that she gets the center position and most screentime. she also gets the most gigs while some of the other members of dia are clearly capable of doing those as well ha ha ha , , ,

SicaLicka Saturday, November 12, 2016

idk why but my butt hole twitched when i read this....

Nutelladela Saturday, November 12, 2016

"I was fat" is she referring to when she was like 64 kg?? I would understand if she said "I wasn't as thin as other idols" but to refer to that weight as "fat" is really insulting to literally everyone that doesn't starve their life away and has a normal bmi :/

iisstf28 Friday, November 11, 2016

Wow, why is the comment section so toxic here?? She is such a sweet kid and hasn't done anything bad that I know of? If you are going to say shit like "she got ps" or "she ain't that talented" please shut the fuck up, this is KPOP. ALMOST EVERYONE HAS PS!! And there are plenty of other idols that you can hate for not being talented enough for you, your faves are probably not that better, so chill and let the girl be.

LovelySerenity Friday, November 11, 2016

This is inspiring! I did not know that she had no intention of becoming an idol. I also did not know that she could not dance or sing beforehand. Being casted for the look in your eye sounds a bit like a stretch but I agree that her gaze is gorgeous.

kpoplover308 Friday, November 11, 2016

Tbh I found her popularity really surprising. She was one of the girls I didn't know the names of when ioi debuted, and I even watch the show from beginning to end while it was being broadcasted

Welst kpoplover308 Saturday, November 12, 2016

Chaeyeon lays really low, she barely even speaks. I use to disregard her because she was so quiet, even through the point of disliking her because I felt she didn't belong. but seeing more of her kind and modest personality through the media, Eventually I got to like her

kpoplover308 Welst Saturday, November 12, 2016

same, i was like who is this person? How did she get here. She was like invisible to me for the longest time.

melon Friday, November 11, 2016

They just want to work her and use her as much as they can. Your schedule is something you need to overcome. Hmmm.

Crazy_Dog Friday, November 11, 2016

#2ndsuzy #hergroupisnevergonna getattention #issueswillarise

snsdtwinkle Friday, November 11, 2016

Instead of special treatment I feel like the CEO is a lot harder on her than the other girls since she's now in the spotlight all the time

NORM Friday, November 11, 2016

i'm so confused about this. Last i checked noone even paid attention to her when she was in DIA but when she entered Produce 101, people liked her. Of course her company would try to use her to promote the rest of the group. It's a strategy as old as time. It isnt special treatment, cos special treatment doesnt involve having to juggle so much work, heck i'd think maybe they didnt care much abt her health (i dont think so, but you get the gist)

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