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[Drama Review] 'The K2' - Episode 13

By AllK_Maknae   Monday, November 7, 2016   17,144   3,344   2



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'The K2' has been keeping fans on their toes for several weeks now. With the presidential election drawing to a close and more personal scandals arising among the characters, viewers are, to put it simply, going crazy over the entire plot. However, episode 13 seems to stray into an unexpected direction that may have left some disappointed.

I want this picture poster size and hanging over my bed.

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Before reviewing/complaining - can we just worship Je Ha's sexy pushed back hair that he has been rocking since the fashion show? If it isn't the plot, it is the fact that Ji Chang Wook looks even sexier that keeps me watching. 

Anyway, back to this unsettling story line.

While the murder mystery is still a relevant topic from the previous episodes, it appears the drama quickly killed off any suspicions (including my own) as to whom it may have been. Just like that the mystery became as bland as grits without butter. Choi Yoo Jin is still revealed to be the "true killer" through various flashbacks (since no one is actually saying it), and all the commotion surrounding the mystery died out because Choi Yoo Jin revealed to the public that Anna is Jang Se Joon's biological daughter. 

Sadly, all this hype surrounding the "murder mystery" sizzled out fast and put my unique predictions in a grave earlier than expected. Ji Yeon would have been a prime suspect in my book, but now the reporters are netizens can't stop buzzing over Jang Se Joon's hot topic.

Unfortunately, this episode of 'The K2' is starting to wear the drama out simply because it isn't as captivating as the other episodes. This episode seemed to lack balance in both the physical action and the plot. I know patience is a virtue, but I was enjoying the grand mixture of fight scenes and built-up romance. Now it has entered the stage of dreaded episodes with pure dialogue.

The only action to arise and keep our interest was the sudden discovery of classified information that the current president's son keeps hidden in a hospital. Although interesting, where and why did "this" (as they keep referencing) information suddenly appear, why is it so vitally important, and how will it effect the plots outcome? If it is going nowhere, like Uhm Hye Rin's murder, then I'm jumping overboard this drama ship and taking Ji Chang Wook with me.

When I fart and I know the person heard it.

Although the drama keeps jabbing at the dirty scenarios surrounding politics, it seems like a wild goose-chase of who exactly will be left in the dust at the voting polls. The drama recycles back to the beginning in the sense that, once again, Choi Yoo Jin is staying on top and manipulating everyone while others are falling at her feet. Her sudden redemption isn't enjoyable because you go back to hating her and hoping she meets with her demise quicker than Park Gwan Soo.

At least the drama's dialogue kicks it up a notch when Anna gave everyone a piece of her mind, particularly her father, and finally had some guts in her crucial scenes. However, the drama is good at keeping Anna in her place of still being a naive girl because she doesn't realize just how dangerous the game she is playing truly is. She may think she has the cards in her favor, but at the end of the day, she is still a rookie who just happened to have the upperhand for a moment.

My statements come to life through various situation in this episode since it is revealed that the prisoner that was integrated by Choi Sung Won and Anna turned out to be an actor hired by Choi Yoo Jin. This actor leaked fake information, just so Choi Sung Won can act, slip out, and expose himself to Choi Yoo Jin. Yes, shockingly, her powers extend far enough that she can hire an actor in prison. I already thought "mirror" was farfetched, but her powers extend farther than we can even imagine at this rate.

Now that Choi Yoo Jin has seen everyone's backstabbing tactics, she is hellbent on taking everyone out the best way possible - through her manipulative words. The fact that she torments Anna so easily, especially regarding how ignorance towards Je Ha's past, truly gets everyone's emotions riled up! But it is needed in order to spice up the conflicts emerging between the two characters.

While all this occurs, Je Ha seems to be a little MIA (missing in action) as he is gathering information that is directly linked to his past and a few other secondary characters that are suddenly thrown into the mix. 

While he is jack-rabbiting around, he is unaware of what Choi Yoo Jin has in store for him and how she is ruining his romantic life with Anna. Aside from that, I still have a close eye on Choi Yoo Jin's irrational secretary.

Although she is annoying, her eyebrows and hair is always on point.

Whatever is in store for us in the next episode, we can expected to be a real game changer as Je Ha is caught by the hospital security and the sneak preview for the next episode shows him wounded in a hospital and Choi Yoo Jin begging him not to die. At this rate, it is best to forget any speculations and enjoy the wild ride that is 'The K2.'






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Sarangmusic89 Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The drama should pull what the U.S. did and make Park Kwan Soo president. Hehe >.>

emanresu10 Monday, November 7, 2016

Another good episode!  Today’s episode could have been called The K2: The Empire Strikes Back.  Yoo-jin reasserts herself as reigning queen, reprimanding those who stood against her.  We get a long overdue meeting between Anna and her father, in which Anna asserts her independence and forces her father to come to acknowledge his own lust for power and what he is willing to give up in that pursuit.  Yoo-jin also encroaches upon Anna’s visit to her mother’s grave, and attempts to plant a seed of doubt within Anna regarding Je-ha and his loyalty.  For more The K2 (and more Yoona!), please visit my blog.  [ emanresukdrama.wordpress . com ]

The End



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