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Chanyeol's fans drop big bucks to get his face in Times Square

By alim17   Tuesday, November 29, 2016   154,855   38,219   358



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Whoooo, EXO's Chanyeol has got super thoughtful, dedicated fans!

Back on November 27, Chanyeol celebrated his 25th birthday, so the members of his Chinese fandom 'Chanyeol Bar' paid to put up a birthday ad for him on the Nasdaq Tower Screen in New York City's Times Square!

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His picture is huge and says in English, "Happy 25th Birthday Park Chan Yeol."  It was up from November 7 to the 15, and it was revealed that the monthly fee for putting up an ad there costs about 3 billion KRW (~ 2.5 million USD), so it's speculated the fans paid about 700 million KRW (~ 600,000 USD). 

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nami_chan Saturday, December 3, 2016

that money could have been on a better place, I mean they could use it to help children making donations in his name ..

Analesse nami_chan Friday, December 16, 2016

Actually they did, some of their fanclubs have made really good donations, I don't know if you are updated go and find out there are quite along list when i compile, these past days xiumin fanclub has made donations since 2014 and lay himself also donated something, I heard their winter album sales are also going to be donated but i don't know the details. So the point is I think you can't expect them to make donations every single time. I am not criticising or arguing with you but I am so speechless at people only click here and have such huge respond but when they made donations only a few commented. Like are these people closing TWO eyes on their donations and can only criticise when they did not make donations? Then why not many people praise them for donations and only know how to comment without knowing fully the other side of the story and when these kind of article came whoaaaa the criticism is so much when they did not seem to comment on the good donations articles. Have a nice day bye bye~

Phixo_Miles Analesse Monday, January 23, 2017

Good statement you got there.

junxxmin Friday, December 2, 2016

ohhh we're only talking about the SECOND LARGEST STOCK MARKET what the... HOW... kpop fans i swear XD

Alastair Thursday, December 1, 2016

That's an insane amount of money, how on earth did they raise that crazy amount.

whogivesa Thursday, December 1, 2016

What stupid girls. The much more useful and productive things they could've done with this amount of money... Hungry children, sick children, places with no clean drinking water... Ugh. Disgusts me.

Analesse whogivesa Thursday, December 1, 2016

you know their fanclub had done alot of donations already!! if you can even find my comment down there, some of it, Chanyeol fans plant 2,500 trees to build a forest like some of you suggest, EXO fandom in Singapore help in donating CLEAN DRINKING WATER for the typhoon victim (there are 7 fandoms participating and EXO is one of them), Lay fanclub has CONSTRUCT well and public toilet for the village and people in vietnam, Kai's fanclu donate for the leukaemia foundations (you say donate for sick children right? there it is), Lay himself pledge to donate 10 years for his old school and provide scholarship to support those students who wants to pursue art studies, EXO has also donated their income sales from their album to UNICEF (TTS as well), and etc..... if this still disgust you then you are just looking for an excuse to hate.

whogivesa Analesse Friday, December 2, 2016

that's all great but that doesn't excuse the fact that this billboard was a complete waste of money that could've been put to much better use. That's like saying oh I was mean to this one person but I was nice to all those other ppl so don't pay attention to the time I was mean. This is a stupid waste of money by stupid fan girls. And yes, the thought of the amount of kids that could've been fed today but weren't bc people would rather throw away money like this DISGUSTS ME.

Analesse whogivesa Sunday, December 4, 2016

Ur example is kind of bot in the context thought... then how about this rather than saying people, maybe you should donate it yourself, from now on whenever you eat please think about people put there, for ALL your life please do not go to restaurant because you have to donate forever, those restaurant money, the money you hang out with your friend, and family is a waste, you can collect all those money for donations to all people of the world, since you say you they can be kind to one person and not all so meaning you have to donate to all people without choosing. So now please don't ho to movies, etc because THAT is WASTE of your money, it is better for you to donate then to watch movies.. and maybe you should donate all your clothes and just pick up 7 - 14 piece of clothes because you only need those for 2 weeks, your extra wardrobe clothes can be of use to People.. and don't go shopping for clothes too because it is a waste of your money and you need to think for ALL the prople in the world. Maybe only when your clothes are torn then you can buy one pieceto replace.., whenever your family going for vacation or buy stuff please think twice because YOU can donate those yourself, don't exepect people to donate, if you can say that do it ypurself then. If you happen to know your relatives or friends or families who wants to buy cars houses otr gadgets maybe you should advise them to donate first to the one in need.. also you can forget about your plans in buying stuff or plans with your OWN saving because you can donate it... if your parents are working and having bonues or you are working and having bonus or a payrise, you can donate ALL of it since you are so kind that you did not differentiate people, then you should donate to the WHOLe world who needs it. If you have not work and have pocket money, maybe from now on you have to think twice on spending it, probably you just take what you need and svae ALL ypu pocket money for donations.. that will be useful too... if you say this is not my rights to meddle with your financial affair then this IS NOT your rights to meddle with their affair.. DISGUST is probably is a reflection to yourself :)

Analesse whogivesa Sunday, December 4, 2016

Maybe you are so kind, so DO IT YOURSELF rather than expecting people and can just comment.. how many billions of people if the world you can't expect people to do the same thing, if you are so good then do it yourself. If you have done it, DO MORE since you have the capability to expect people to donate everytime. Don't go hang out forever since you need to think about those people in meed for all your life (your example "oh I am good to one people but not the others") meaning YOU YOURSELF need to donate to the WHOLE world.. maybe you should advise your parents that you can buy food and clean drinking water and donate it everyday to the orphanage or go to village or use ALL your savings to send helpnl to those people in some countries that live in the village in need, that is what you probably need to do from now on since you are so capable of commenting it, you probably are capable of doing it yourself :)

Analesse whogivesa Sunday, December 4, 2016

Maybe you are even disgusted with yourself because you have once watch a movies.. you are also probably fisgusted with your family and friends for wasting their money on nice clothing and warm meal because out there are people who don't even have proper cloth to cover themselves and have proper food.. you say thos things like people are not allowed to rreat themselves and must forever donate and so there you go don't even eat meat or expensive crab and fish because those money can be used to donate for people across the world who really needs it.. you probably are disgusted with yourself for living in a nice house or apartment because those house are such a waste, maybe you can consider and advise your own family to live in a 2 room simple flat and sell the old house because you can send those money to the people suffering out there.. after all you only need a place to shelter while out there, there are people who live under the bridge... you are the one saying as if we have to do it ALL the time and to ALL the people right? So there you go from now on please donate everyday and to everybody in this world... you probably are disgusted with yourself because you even waste your time reading and writing comment about kpop when you can use your time to donate.. I have no confidence in donating everyday or expect people to donate to everybody so have no rights to say about the fanclub money although I agree donations would be much useful but that is not my rights since it is not my money.. but since you are the one saying like they should donate without choosing who to be kind with, then you too must reflect to yourself and donate for ALL your life to everybody, don't even think about buying yourself stuff because remember you need to donate :)

whogivesa Analesse Monday, December 5, 2016

Girl I am not about to read your thesis paper that you decided to post here. I can see that you're a complete psycho. Based on the few sentences I did read: no, I'm not saying you should never do anything for yourself like go out to eat, buy yourselves clothes, etc. that's stupid. However, I am saying don't waste your money on dumb crap like a billboard sigh for a rich celebrity... Do you see the difference? One is spending money on basic necessities of life (food, clothes) and the other is spending money on a rich person that will yield absolutely no significant benefit. Child, learn about life a little bit. And btw, I donate a lot and as much as I can and I don't throw my money away on useless things for celebrities that don't being any benefit to myself. But keep throwing your money away. Just don't get mad when ppl cal you out for stupidity. Don't reply w another thesis paper bc I'm not reading it.

Analesse whogivesa Monday, December 5, 2016

Donation is not just about whether you are rich or not, you can donate all your things and survive with the minimal you can if you expect people to donate everytime to all the people. I am not stupid since I didn't spend a dime oh and I donated to as well and as much as I can too. But none of it is your business or my business.. thanks for calling it a thesis, I was writing my final project thesis anyway, it drives me to write even better, have a nice day :)

Analesse Monday, December 5, 2016

And I am not so uneducated or low to call people STUPiD or disgusted because in our human creators' eyes, nobody is stupid, ugly and nobody is above anyone else.. and same goes to you learn more about life.. what are you and I to call people stupid, if their actions are wrong is not for you to judge or punish, it is also not your rights to dictate or demand what they should or should not do

Analesse whogivesa Friday, December 16, 2016

Just an update for you who can only judge people.. these past days there has been articles about donation but maybe you are just closing two eyes.. xiumin fanclub just made donations and they have been doing that since 2014, lay has also donated something, I forgot, 10 trucks/vans of something to the people in need in china, and I heard their winter special album sales are also going to be donated to charity. See!! Sometimes those fans will still make donations AGAIN AND AGAIN but don't expect it everytime. I just heard from friends since I am very busy with my thesis so I don't know the details. So please don't judge people especially call them disgusting/stupid when you do not know the other side of the things. May GBU, have a nice day and I need to get back at my critical phase of my thesis. Goodbye

awongg Thursday, December 1, 2016

I question why people would do something like this. I get that it was for his birthday and all and as much as I love Chanyeol, their money could have been used for more practical things instead of this. I mean especially if you're struggling financially and you were donating to the large sum of money, please rethink your choices.

IAMMACHO awongg Thursday, December 1, 2016

yes this is what i questioning before.... just a waste of money spending for that...

awongg IAMMACHO Thursday, December 1, 2016

literally though. i mean there could be other uses for the money that could go to better causes

BBFOR5VER Wednesday, November 30, 2016

600,000 just for that...lool! smh

Exo_Leia Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Damn, must've been someone rich... That's a lot but wow...

Monkeybanana Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why would you spend so much money for that? They should have just donated the money for a better cost with his name.

Monkeybanana Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Nutelladela Monkeybanana Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I was just thinking that, some people can't make rent :/ It would have given people a much better opinion of Chanyeol if his fans donated $600 000 instead

Monkeybanana Nutelladela Wednesday, November 30, 2016


IAMMACHO Monkeybanana Thursday, December 1, 2016


Analesse Monkeybanana Thursday, December 1, 2016

they have done quite a number of donations.. pleaseeeeeeee if you can find my post on those donations you wouldn't say this. or you can read it online. like I get it okay maybe donations might be a better choice but we can't do that everytime, I mean you guys keep saying this like those fans never donate. some of those fanclubs even donate for leukaemia foundations, construct wells and public toilets for the village and people in cambodia, lay pledge he is donating for 10 years to his old school and provide scholarship for those students pursuing arts, chen has donate to some foundation as well (can't remember the name), the post that I made is very long and shows all the donations they have made, I do not want to type it out again.. gosh oh and EXO fanclub in Singapore participate in donating clean water for the typhoon victims (together with 6 other fandoms in singapore), and etc etc etc

IAMMACHO Analesse Thursday, December 1, 2016

the just donate.... why waste money for that kind of thing...

Monkeybanana Analesse Thursday, December 1, 2016

You don't have to get frustrated. Yes I get that they made some donations. It's just my opinion that they send so much money to post a picture in time square when people doesn't even look up their because they are so busy with their daily lives. They are better use for that amount of money.

Analesse Monkeybanana Thursday, December 1, 2016

yes, it is your opinion and your right to say, but since this is their fans effort in collecting the money, this is their rights to use it for what they want. ok let's say they use this money to donate, then what about next time? MUST they donate again? then what about next next time/ must they donate again and again? until forever and they can't even use it for what they want (like are the fanclubs oblige to make donations forever), if we have money for example, sometimes we even want to treat ourselves to things that we want, sometimes when people reach a certain amount of money, they even want to buy houses, cars, etc, do they alwaysss use their money for donations? like this is reality though, like I get it, donations are indeed veryyy useful to those in need, but at the same time we can't expect all to keep doing that all the time especially in this case the fanclub to make donations everytime, they did it once in a while, just that sometimes, they want to do other things right?. I believe some other time they will use for some other donations

Analesse IAMMACHO Thursday, December 1, 2016

you can't expect them to donate again and again until forever, you are saying like they are OBLIGE to pay for donations, like this is their money, they can do what they want. if you have ability, then you can donate EVERYDAY yourself

Analesse IAMMACHO Thursday, December 1, 2016

and don't expect people to do those things forever, since you say that the money should be donated, instead of expecting people to do, it is better to do it yourself, if you have extra money, bonuses (if you work), if your parents or relatives or friends has extra money, don't buy things for yourself then, give those up and donate. if you have a pay rise or extra money, just take the amount of money enough for you to survive and you can donate the rest of it to the one in need. have a nice day

Analesse IAMMACHO Thursday, December 1, 2016

and after I write those donations made, you still expect them to donate right? don't expect that, different people have different thinking, maybe from now on if you want to shop for clothes and unnecessary accessories, or if you want to hang out at restaurants, cafe with your friends or family, maybe you should think twice, because the amount spend on those things can be saved up for you to make donations, or maybe you from now on, rather than watching movies with your friends, you save up those money to buy drinking water or food and go to orphanage or places to donate. if you have family, relatives or friends who has money to buy cars or houses, or electronic gadgets, maybe you should advice them to donate instead :)

IAMMACHO Analesse Thursday, December 1, 2016

however it is... just stupid waste of money to spend with..

Analesse IAMMACHO Thursday, December 1, 2016

Oh I think i have a better idea!! maybe you should also think about using your savings now to donate, Since I think you are a selfless person who expect people to donate every time, if you have a plan on what to do or what to buy with your savings, maybe you should forget about it or think about it again, because your savings can be useful for the one in need, and you can also request or raise awareness with your family, relatives and friends to collect money for donations, you can also advice them to use their savings to donate, I know it is not your right to ask them, but since you also ASK the fanclub and expect them to do donations, you can also ask your friends and family to do it.

IAMMACHO Analesse Thursday, December 1, 2016

thats not a better idea... that just a stupid idea... our topic about does not related to your idea.. just so sad with fanatic the end when exo disbandment your money just a waste for like this...

Analesse IAMMACHO Thursday, December 1, 2016

stupid waste, crazy waste, ridiculous waste or not, it is not you rights to determine that. watching movies, buy clothes, eat in restaurants I guess it is a stupid waste for you too right? because you just need 7 clothes everyday, and eat humbly at home.

Analesse IAMMACHO Thursday, December 1, 2016

I guess after all you expect people to donate but do not want to do it yourself, haha, since you say it is not a better idea.. okay fine and since you say our topic does not relate to my idea, then the money of the fans are not related to you or your rights. disbandment or not waste or not it is not your business, you avoid my idea by saying it is stupid??? WOWWWW did you know what you are saying??? OMG.. that you are saying my idea of donations is stupid? then why do you ask people to donate?? this is not even about my idea though, the main thing here is to donate like what you always say, use it for other useful things like donations, but you just say my suggestion of donating is STUPID?? I think you are having internal war with yourself (one time you say donating is good, next you say donating is stupid) JUST WOW

Analesse Thursday, December 1, 2016

Come i clap hands for you, you just say that my suggestion about donation is stupid????? I am suggesting that you also donate since you keep saying it is a better use right? I am just saying everyday possibility where you can save up and use those saved money to donate and you say IT IS STUPID?? don't expect people to donate when YOU YOURSELF saying the idea of donation is STUPID

Analesse Thursday, December 1, 2016

and FYI I am not even a fanatic, I don't use my 24/7 to follow them. I just want to say this is not my rights or your rights. of course for me, I also think that donations is very useful but they have done some and I can't expect that everytime and this is not my money, I can't demand what they should or should not do since it is not my money anyways, whether they regret later it is also not my business since it is their decision

Analesse Thursday, December 1, 2016

Don't even reply with "they should just donate rather than waste money" when YOU YOURSELF can't accept my idea about donating and even called it STUPID, my idea is not even about my idea itself, but it is about possibility in which you can donate, and the highlight is of course about donation and you called those suggestion STUPID, your credibility is broken now. I thought you are so selfless that you keep saying donations and do not waste money, but you are just I don't know, maybe don't agree with yourself about the idea of donations

nami_chan Monkeybanana Saturday, December 3, 2016

I couldn't agree more with you

IAMMACHO Analesse Saturday, December 3, 2016

wow.. u waste ur stupidity to write a comment...

Analesse IAMMACHO Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wow, then it is a waste of ur stupidity to reply too.. thank you. U don't acknowledge all of that and just say my comment is stupid.. you waste your stupidity too then.. if you say waste of my stupidity to write a comment, then it is reflective to you since you also write a comment :)

Hikari_ELF Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wondering why they chose this photo out of all chanyeol's photos

Kaisoo_Shipper Hikari_ELF Thursday, December 1, 2016

LOL same tbh (and the font and stuff too)

tengsteerbingu Wednesday, November 30, 2016

w o w

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