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K-Pop dances that should have gone viral

By AllK_Maknae   Wednesday, October 26, 2016   78,480   3,956   45



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K-Pop dances are one of the best things about K-Pop! With countless dance videos and covers on the internet, it is near impossible to resist these crazy, cute and fun dance moves!

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While a lot of these dances trend in Korea and sometimes world wide, there are some that go unnoticed. Check out some of these dance moves you shouldn't miss out on and that could have gone viral!

HAM - "So Sexy" 

HAM had a lot of sex appeal with their dance. Not only were they giving everyone the vapors with their fast-paced thrusting but they also should have won over the crowd with their shirt-opening dance.

CHI CHI - "Love Is Energy" 

Disbanded group CHI CHI didn't stay on the stage long but their amazing dance routine was not forgotten! The "Hand Blender" dance was eye-catching and amazing to try (whether you can do it or not!). Now it can be seen in Ladies' Code's "Rain."

B1A4 - "Solo Day" 

This summer diddy was quite the ear worm, but we cannot forget the fun little dance jig that went along with it. Basically a modern day square dance, this cute routine from B1A4 will have you swaying side to side each and every sunny day.

TAHITI - "Skip" 

TAHITI had an array of fun dance routines but "Skip" stood out among the rest. The fun, tricky steps make this dance track a real work out you can't skip out on.

Boy's Republic - "Party Rock" 

Speaking of fancy footwork, the boys of Boy's Republic will have you gliding on the dance floor with "Party Rock." Guaranteed to increase your swag by 20 percent! 

TEEN TOP - "Supa Luv" 

Boy groups get some awesome dance moves and TEEN TOP were no exception. While many applaud them for "Clap," "Supa Luv" had the girls flocking and the boys dancing. The unique DJ dance will start the party.

Dal Shabet - "Have, Don't Have" 

A dance you can dance from your seat is the dance for me! Dal Shabet did not disappoint with their "Have, Don't Have" hot-hands dance. Just groove to the retro rhythm.

A Pink - "Hush" 

A Pink are known for being whimsical but the alluring slow moves for "Hush" are too fun to resist. Just put your finger to your lips, sway your leg across the floor and turn away the next time you don't want to hear someone's B.S. 

miss A - "Breathe" 


he fab four always knew how to get down on stage. "Breathe" was all about the dance moves, and the fast-paced shoulder swaying and chest pumps are giving us life. Their dance routine is a real breath of fresh air! 

Co-Ed School - "It's Too Late" 

Not only was the song addicting but how can you not do the "Times Up" dance when anyone is late for anything? Simple, funny and catchy - the 3 ingredients for any addicting dance move. 

Nine Muses - "Ticket" 

Nine Muses keep are arms in shape with their "one way" ticket dance. The group was known for their sharp knife-like routines, and "Ticket" was the beginning of their very dynamic dances.

Rainbow - "A" 

When is baring your abs to the world never a great idea? Sexy and stylish this uplifting (get it?) routine is simple and beyond sexy. It is a surprise that many didn't freak out over Rainbow's daring dance. 

SISTAR - "Push Push"

SISTAR "Push Push" us to the limit with their quirky debut dance. There are countless moments this song can be sang and we can do this simple "push" dance step too!


Everything about "EOEO" is smooth, filled with swagger and plain fun. Just follow the beat and slowly drift your hands from your chest down to your abs and you have mastered the "Chocolate ab" dance.

TINY-G - "Miss You" 

Think like a cat! Tiny-G wowed the crowed with their transformation and their "cat paw dance." Simple arch your back at start pawing away. Don't forget the aegyo as you say, "Bogoshipo!" 

Anda - "Hypnotize" 

Anda will put a spell on you! This "spell binding" dance is easy, sexy and fun to do as you shout for your lover to be "hypnotized."

100% - "U Beauty"

100% showed off their manly charms through many epic dance routines but none caught our attention more than their "Love Gun." "U Beauty" is all about pointing at your lover and firing your heart their way.

BESTie - "Pit-a-Pat"

BESTie's debut song and dance was a real game changer. Known as the "Bread twist," the girls charmingly sway their butts and twists their bodies flawlessly as they lure in any man for a kiss!

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LauraDragon Friday, November 11, 2016

Rainbow <3

Bananarama Friday, October 28, 2016

So much nostalgia of me doing the dance to these obscure videos in my room...

Beldandie Thursday, October 27, 2016

i'm thinking in kara mamma mia and lupin, those moves are awesome

daFoolio Thursday, October 27, 2016

i don't really know if any of these should've went viral per se.....

Narutz Thursday, October 27, 2016

CHI CHIIIIII ;___; And Tahiti as well <3

Muziklover18 Thursday, October 27, 2016

It took me so long to learn Miss A - Can't Breath dance lol and Rainbow- A dance was my JAM! and CHI CHI - Love Is Energy hand dance i still don't know how to do it lol

littlejoe Thursday, October 27, 2016

let's be honest most of teen top's choreos ah ah rocking miss right to you deserve to go viral

ssswzo Thursday, October 27, 2016


shikey Thursday, October 27, 2016

u-kiss manmahani ... still don't get how it didn't win anything

Faith_1299 Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thank you for adding CHI CHI! 'Love is Energy' was such a great song and the choreography was really good. I miss them T_T

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