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[Drama Review] 'The K2' - Episode 7

By AllK_Maknae   Tuesday, October 18, 2016   25,920   5,417   9



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Can I just say that Anna and Je Ha seem like the normal ones here while everyone else are complete mental cases? Episode 7 of 'The K2' sent viewers into a pit of rage as Choi Yoo Jin takes the Devil's horns and puts them on her own head, Jang Se Joon becomes more revolting, and Kim Je Ha just gets more and more entangled in this web of B.S.

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While episode 6 was meant to set hearts ablaze with its "passionate resuscitation kiss," the viewers and myself were still not won over by it and are awaiting a true kiss scene. After Je Ha places his tender lips upon Anna in an attempt to revive her from her unconscious state before the ambulance could arrive, things get tricky. Anna can't even go to any hospital as exposing her identity is even more dangerous than dying.

This results in a pretty great life-or-death situation and escalates into a speeding car scene - which this episode had a lot of. Of course, Je Ha swerves through cars on the highway, violates about 5 traffic laws, and looks cool, calm, and collected while doing it, but I could've gone for a little more chaos to heighten the tension.

Anna continues to become the hot topic of Korea as she is spotted in the selca those two girls took at 'Dreamland Park.' They label her as "The Angel of Barcelona" on Instagram due to the fact that the designer from Spain labeled her as his "muse." I don't really see the obsessive need for the Korean public to idolize her or discover her identity, but her identity adds to the destruction of Yoo Jin which anyone is in favor of at this point.

The fact that Yoo Jin enters the infirmary just to tell Anna she is "insignificant to her father" and a "troublesome fragment from her past" irks me. Why? Not only is it flatout wrong but it came with impeccable timing. She poison's Anna's mind with her harsh words and has Anna speculating more about her father, which causes more dilemmas.

Yoo Jin is mean, but when is a visit to the hospital ever fun?

Je Ha tries to do some good by bringing the crap-of-a-dad to Anna in order to reconcile. Again, Jo Sung Ah's (Jang Se Joon) acting within acting is stellar as he lives up to Yoo Jin's words and proves to Anna he still knows nothing about her and she must stop "being silly" and grow up. 

This scene creates the illusion that he knows he is being watched and says those things to protect Anna and fool Yoo Jin, but this show is known for having some unseen plot twists so I can't wholeheartedly believe him yet.

Despite him seeming genuine towards Anna and offering his whole speech on "this thing called greed" having no breaks, I feel Yoo Jin wasn't wrong in labeling Jang Se Joon the way she did back in the infirmary. He is another greedy politician with power on the mind. Which is why Yoo Jin bursts into a bout of hysterical laughter/crying towards the end. She can't even believe it herself as she mutters about "hinging my fate on Jang Se Joon."

"Your hands smell like politics and lies," thought Anna.

'The K2' doesn't hold back in exposing everyone and everything about J.S.S Security, politicians, the whole nine yards, being just absolutely shady! I mean just look at the stunt Jang Se Joon pulled with planned protests at his own rally. 

If I were Je Ha, I would've let the makeup artist Jang Se Joon flirted with kill him with the poison needle while she had the chance. But Je Ha knows he needs to still take out Park Gwan Soo, please don't forget that is the main objective here, and taking out double agents and keeping both Yoo Jin and Jang Se Joon alive are key to doing so.

Revenge is a dish best served cold... or with eggs.

Aside from the politicians who keep making a mess, at least the truth about Anna's past is becoming more crystal clear. She knows for certain now she didn't murder her mother, despite what Yoo Jin and Jang Se Joon say. 

What viewers do know is that her mother, the late famous actress Uhm Hye Rin, committed suicide (allegedly) with sleeping pills. Anna and her mother went to live abroad in America with her former husband but was pregnant with Anna from Jang Se Joon (say whaaaa!), and he was already married to Yoo Jin but raised Anna behind her back.

But who is that mystery person behind baby Anna?!

This explains Yoo Jin's destructive ways but doesn't justify any of her actions. Even her family often remarks how she has always been a bitter woman, so motives against Anna are just another backstory with little to do with her actual sinister nature. 

She may be pointing fingers at Jang Se Joon but she is just as greedy a politician as he is. 'The K2' picked a great time to drag all these political feuds and tension into the spotlight considering what is going on in America's presidential race right now.

Moral of the story: trust no one. People are selfish and will generally do whatever benefits them in the end. If you aren't thinking that way, you will be cut down. Unless you're the super hot and powerful, renegade secret agent Je Ha. You'll just get a few scratches here and there.

Sadly, episode 7 left us with nothing to look forward to in episode 8. It built up little tension and focused on clarifying things we already had hunches about. This dialogue was crucial in furthering the plot, and most dramas get like this around episode 7-10, but I do enjoy a nice cliffhanger for each of my endings. 

While this episode was rather tame, it was still well done. Let us hope we aren't disappointed as the plot progresses and the show will pick up where things left off quickly.






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taemshine1 Thursday, October 20, 2016

plot: 10, performance: 10, pacing: 10. this episode was so epic; finally to see Anna meets with her dad, also to see Anna Vs her stepmother, honestly, this episode is one of my favorites. Goddess Yoona's acting as Anna is great, she is touching my heart. i was crying with Anna. goddes Yoona's great acting deserves to win many awards.

asiamusicworld Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Finally Anna (Queen Yoona) meets with her dad (Mr. Cho seong Ha) , that scene was so emotional and EPIC! omg TT_TT I cried with that scene, this is one of my favorites scenes of thek2. congratulation because Anna meets with her dad obtained the Highest peak of 7.9% for thek2, Bravo! definitely Queen Yoona's deserve many awards, her acting is EXCELLENT and BRILLIANT, we can feel all her emotions, sadness and pain. I really love her acting and role as Anna.  GOOD JOB! ofc Mr Cho seong ha is an awesome actor, good job mr cho.

asiamusicworld Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Anna Reunites With His Father TT_TT was so epic scene! this scene really touching my deep feels. *claps*

asiamusicworld Wednesday, October 19, 2016

the scene of Anna meets with her Father reaching the highest peas = 7.9% rating, bravo!! they deserve it, this scene was so emotional.

asiamusicworld Wednesday, October 19, 2016

* highest PEAK = 7.9%

taemshine1 asiamusicworld Thursday, October 20, 2016

wow 7.9% yeaaaaaaaaaah!! this is the highest peak for thek2 , good job!.

taemshine1 asiamusicworld Thursday, October 20, 2016

awesome 7.9%!! this is great!! congrtas to them, the k2 did great, despite that a big baseball match was airing the same time with thek2 episode 7, the k2 rating did very good with highest peak 7.9% during Anna (goddess Yoona)'s scene with her dad, yass!. the k2 and Anna's impact so amazing and great!

Le_BTS_Gene_Fan Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I'm here mostly for the funny notations on the photos lol

savvygal Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I applaud actress Song Yoon Ah for her brilliant acting. Her character Choi Yoo Jin is a complicated one with a twisted personality. She is a devilish & strong political ally of her husband who is running for presidential seat. She is also a pitiful woman trapped in a loveless marriage, who has to endure her husband's infidelity & frequent flings. Song Yoon Ah should get an acting award for this role. Bravo!

The End



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