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Hangeng expresses the desire to stand on stage with Super Junior again

By jubilantj   Sunday, September 18, 2016   151,501   23,125   0



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In a recent interview with a Chinese media outlet, former Super Junior member Hangeng stated his wish to stand on stage with the group once again.  

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According to a Korean media coverage of the original Chinese report, Hangeng stated during the interview, "I had thought that I should stand on stage with Super Junior for their 10th anniversary. If it was really possible, I wanted to go on stage with them. Because I wanted to gift fans with something memorable for Super Junior's 10th anniversary."

The ex-K-Pop idol then added, "I even went to Korea at the time and talked to Leeteuk over the phone and my former manager. But due to various reasons, ultimately, I didn't get to realize my dream." 

When the media outlet asked him whether he really wanted to stand on stage with Super Junior, Hangeng replied, "I honestly really thought about it."

Well, perhaps a chance may arise again for Hangeng and Super Junior to reunite!

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lilliana Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The ultimate wish is not only for elfs, but also SJ! <3<3<3

trogdorthe8th Tuesday, September 20, 2016

DAMN, it's going down now because of SM! They recently released a statement (there's an article on Soompi about it) saying that Hangeng and Leeteuk never spoke on the phone. And apparently the statement came from their own LABEL, Label SJ. The quote said, "It isn't true that Leeteuk talked to Hangeng on the phone. The information in the article is groundless." So either somebody is lying, or there was a mistranslation (but I don't buy that), or it's something else. Regardless, SM may have just started something that could get a little heated, and I think it's really sad. Hangeng has done nothing in these few years but thank his former company for the opportunities they gave him. He has no reason at all to lie about such a conversation, and he certainly doesn't need it for the work or media attention, because he's got plenty of both of those. But SM is just being hateful at this point. I mean, what is the reason to even need to make a statement like that? I can only imagine it's because they don't want fans pressuring them into letting SUJU have such a reunion, because if it doesn't happen of course SM would look like the bad guys because Hangeng has been vocal about wanting a reunion on more than one occasion in the past few years. So, I guess from their side, what better way to squash such a scandal than by discrediting the other person? In this case, it seems they want to discredit Hangeng, and make it seem as though he's lying to get attention and free press/promotions. It's really sad, the whole situation just puts a bad taste in my mouth.

KMetzger Monday, September 19, 2016

the Hanchul ship still sails.

beansss Monday, September 19, 2016

Even his thought is a heartwarming gift :)

elf_marzieh Monday, September 19, 2016

as an elf from 2009 i would be more than happy to see them together on stage again. but i know if that happens after that i will wish him to be a part of group again. i mean seeing them together just once won't be enough for me . so i don't know what to feel right now.

monaco Monday, September 19, 2016

That's sweet of him to consider after all the crap he went through all those years

ana_martins Monday, September 19, 2016

There is not any chance until there is a thing called SM. I bet all my money that the "due to various reasons" it was basically SM

chubbyabbyyy Monday, September 19, 2016

Super Junior really demonstrates real friendship between the groups. Sign...some groups nowadays have to fight to death in order to debut or debut within months. Nothing can really beat the bonds between the older idols. They've spent 10+ years together (pre-debut+debut). <3

caiminnie chubbyabbyyy Monday, September 19, 2016

it's because Super Junior isn't just an idol group, they're family who treated each one of them as brothers.. in their song Superman, they emphasized (on leeteuk's rap part) that no matter what others will do, even if they lost some star, they're still 13 stars.. 13 stars represents the 13 members.. meaning, even if 2 members were no more part of SJ now, they're still considered members & super junior is still considered as 13 member group.. because they're family & in a family no one get's left behind.. shindong even mentioned during I.AM the movie that after that major car accident they experienced which left kyuhyun on coma, they became closer than ever as they realized that they can lose each other just in a blink of an eye & that made them realized to how precious each one of them for each other..

yesungturtle Monday, September 19, 2016

omg that would be amazing :O unfortunately I doubt SM would like that idea...

sweetpumpkin yesungturtle Monday, September 19, 2016

Let's wait and see then, only time will tell but I was hoping for next two year at least.

Hyungshi sweetpumpkin Monday, September 19, 2016

SME is not even approving a HOT reunion and Kangta as a shareholder can't do nothing, the hatred SME holds on Hangeng I doubt about it

hellokpop95 Monday, September 19, 2016

I still remember crying out lout in school bcoz he left the group......

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