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[Drama Review] 'W' - Episode 10

By jubilantj   Thursday, August 25, 2016   25,844   4,831   0



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'W's plot keeps on taking all these twisty turns, and said twisty turns are keeping us on the edges of our seats...and leaving me scratching my head in confusion.

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One major plot hole that I noticed was how despite the drama being in the faceless killer's control, the killer doesn't seem to be in total control. That is, he doesn't seem to know the whereabouts of Chul at all times. This led me to question, just how much are the characters in the webtoon in control of their own actions? If the killer is now playing 'god,' then he can mold the story whichever way he desires. Why not just command Oh Sung Moo to draw a scene of Chul with a dagger in his hand and stabbing himself with it? Yes, it is a bit macabre but he can write it off as a suicide from (a very well disguised) deep depression or something. It wouldn't be completely unfeasible because as we all know, Chul suffers from a traumatic past - and is depicted to be exceptionally brilliant. 

My face when I saw that Han Hyo Joo didn't add cheese or eggs to her ramen. 

But that would never happen because, well, it's a Korean drama, first of all, of which there are still six more episodes to go. Secondly, if Chul just died then Yeon Joo's story with him would have really been entirely useless. Yeon Joo's evidently got business left in the webtoon world, as she keeps getting pulled back into it. I've come to the conclusion that it's not Chul's thoughts that lead her to jump from the 'real' world to the webtoon world. 

Honestly, the webtoon just seems to do whatever the eff it wants, regardless of what anyone may want. It randomly saved Chul when he was about to jump from the bridge all those years ago, randomly pulled Yeon Joo into the drama, randomly brought the killer into the 'real' world, and now, it's randomly acting up again after refusing to accept the 'happy ending' that the author planned for it. 

Poor guy won't be able to eat anymore. 

As mentioned previously, the webtoon's supposed ending was revived because the killer never found out his identity, which was the entire premise of the story. Find the killer. And that's it. So now that the killer has been found in the sense that he has a concrete identity, I guess the webtoon now has a new objective? The killer says that he's going to "kill as many people as possible" but even for a psychopathic serial killer, there must be some sort of end goal to the killings. The killer even extends a hand to the other main antagonist in the story, the murderously ambitious Han Cheol Ho. How will putting Han in the president's seat benefit the killer in any way? He's already placed Chul, his numero uno nemesis, as numero uno on the nation's most wanted list, so yeah, he is already winning. I suppose he is now plotting to turn everyone against Chul so Chul will be pursued much like he was for the past ten years.


"Oh dear god what did I get myself into..."

But that doesn't explain Yeon Joo's role in the story because she's got absolutely nothing to do with what's going on right now. The killer is not after her anymore because he doesn't know that she is (or was) Chul's wife. She's just there again, wandering the webtoon world's streets like a shifty vagrant. That is what's irking me most about the drama at the moment, as Yeon Joo serves no purpose to the story. And it just totally voids what Chul said about Yeon Joo being the key to his life. She did save his life a couple times, but at least she was linked to him closely then. Now, she's got nothing to do with the plot that her father and Chul cooked up, expressly at her father's wish not to involve his daughter in life-threatening danger again. Alas, she does end up being involved once again....*sighhhh* The writer better go somewhere good with this. 

And is it just me, or is Oh Sung Moo the real MVP or what for drawing without a pair of eyes? Let's give the playa a round of applause. 




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gabviellayeonggg Friday, August 26, 2016

stop saying that shes there again and again without context, bc the drama explains that in episode 11 damn the other characters can also pull her in

nami_chan Thursday, August 25, 2016

is this drama worth watching or it's just meh ?

kpop_books12 nami_chan Thursday, August 25, 2016

right now i really like it, on most rating sites this one's pretty high up there

JungHalla0903 nami_chan Thursday, August 25, 2016

So far, I really like this drama! I do not regret watching it at all! I'm glad I watched it TBH. The plot and chemistry between the main leads make you want to see what happens next. Everyone who watched it (or as far as I've seen comments on the drama) they all love it and are glad they watched it. You should give a try, it may be confusing at first but it will catch on. I should've waited for all the episodes to come out in order to watch so I dont have to wait. But I was curious xD

Nova_Foxy nami_chan Thursday, August 25, 2016

JUST WATCH IT trust me you won't regret .. it's a mind blowing Drama

universeelectric nami_chan Friday, August 26, 2016

Yes, is worth watching. The plot is really amazing, and the acting is just perfect. I don't why all the reviews they do here are always trying to find plot holes in the storylines but in every episode we get to understand better what's going on and we get excited for what is going to happen next. Finally, it's something new and fresh in dramas!

The End




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