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[Drama Review] 'Uncontrollably Fond' - Episode 15

By eric_r_wirsing   Thursday, August 25, 2016   13,782   2,382   0



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Yo mama's head is so big -- oh, wait...

Noh Eul sees the Eyebrow Prince in the elevator and fantasizes about being happy with him. Meanwhile, Joon Young shows up as Jung Eun and begs Ji Tae to stay with her on her birthday. Joon Young tells her he wants her to seduce him, to make him forget Noh Eul. Joon Young pops by the restaurant and gives his mom a ride home -- she won't cop to loving him but gives him advice. That night, Joon Young finds Noh Eul outside, frozen. He takes her inside and feeds her, and she demands $10,000 for pain and suffering. Elsewhere, Jik has at least a dozen books checked out on the subject of women and love. He's puzzling out his feelings for Ha Ru, who has no idea why he's avoiding her. Noh Eul gives the money back to Choi's wife, telling the shrew she won't need to worry about her. Ji Tae holds an emergency board meeting, intending to crucify his mom for poor management, but to no avail.  Choi finds out through his aide that Young Ok is unmarried, but seeing her with Jung Sik you wouldn't know it. Noh Eul gets some extra cash to sort through all the Joon Young footage she shot for the documentary and realizes the truth. Jung Eun shows up at Joon Young's place to seduce him. He runs off claiming errands, falls asleep, and comes back. He gets her to tell mama Choi she's done with Ji Tae, and kisses her like he means it. Back in the editing room, Noh Eul chokes back tears and basically seems to indicate she'll take Joon Young back...

Or will she? I'm of two minds about this. In the final scene, she says, "Shin Joon Young, just you wait!" Which could go either way -- she's either going to unload on him or she's going to be with him. I blame the writers. That line could have been so much clearer and it wasn't. I prefer to think she'll run to our Hallyu star, find him in the arms of Jung Eun, and run off all weepy again. Why? Cause it's that kind of drama.

For my next trick, I will yank the tablecloth without disturbing the dishes and -- oops!

I want to talk about Ji Tae's actions. All of a sudden, out of the blue, we find out there was gross mismanagement of the Chois' holdings and people are out of work. This doesn't seem to be covered anywhere else, so it's kind of a big reveal that's not handled in a big reveal fashion. That just says sloppy writing. I knew Noh Eul had dirt on Choi but I figured it was his indiscretions more than anything. I want to see more of the corruption, maybe have Ji Tae grab some people and arrange a class-action lawsuit, hear their stories. If there's dirty dealings let's see em!

I like the deviousness this drama seems to have developed. It really helps with the pacing. Everyone is getting off their butts and working toward something. Even the normally moody Ji Tae seems focused and now has a point to his character. He's been dumped by two women so he needs something to occupy his time. I still feel it's going to end up a big mess in the end.

The only thing worse than having part of a song stuck in your head is not knowing the name

I'm now a little more invested in what happens to these guys. It's about time. I have a feeling I was supposed to be all about the feelz and all I was left with was asking WTF? It wasn't as interesting as it could be, and they took too long getting to the point. I have a feeling this could be half its length and be a lot tighter. But they have my interest. Let's see where this goes.




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