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Which G-Friend members were warned by the company to maintain an idol-like image?

By alim17   Tuesday, July 19, 2016   93,749   5,297   0



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Guess which members!  On 'Kangta's Starry Night' on July 19, G-Friend appeared to talk about many different things!

On this day, Park Seul Gi asked the girls, "I heard you don't have cell phones.  Is that true?" and the members replied, "We don't.  It's been two years since we had cell phones." Hearing this, Kangta said, "You can't do SNS or games?" and they replied, "Within the company, we can use a PC tablet.  We can play games, but SNS is prohibited.  Once we get cell phones, we want to contact the friends we had been not been able to contact up to now."

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The members also said on this day, "We sometimes forget that we are a girl group.  A girl group has to maintain its image, but we show too much of our normal selves on TV.  SinB and Yerin even got warnings from the company."  Kangta said, "What exact parts were pointed out?" and the members said together, "Being rough is prohibited. However, we're not good at acting pretty, so there are many bizarre pictures," causing laughter.

Kangta commented on their company producer had originally been from SM Entertainment, and as a director of the agency, Kangta felt it a shame he had left. He also complimented the group on their name and said, "There's a junior in my agency named Heechul.  That friend has nothing to do with this program, but when he heard G-Friend was coming out, he said, 'I'll go there.'  He really likes you."

Were your guesses for the two who got warnings spot-on?

  1. G-Friend (Girlfriend)
  2. Yerin
  3. SinB
  4. kangtas starry night

movingpictures Saturday, July 23, 2016

Is this why people are hashtagging #smileyerin? Is it because she got discouraged from this warning and that she's being more reserved and "proper"? Is this why people are suggesting she's not smiling as much for this comeback? Honestly, it looks like SinB gives no fucks about the warning (showtime anyone?) but I don't know if it got to Yerin....although I do remember people attacking her about her exaggerating crying.

Lary_kpop Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Their natural selves are the best thing about them xD I love SinB's sense of humor.

Mccuish1525 Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I find it annoying when I hear that idol groups aren't allowed to have cell phones.

seba68 Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Now it makes sense as to why they have a baby Sica in the group! The PD is from SM

Sweet_Milk_Tea Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I'm sure they're forbidden from phones not because the company doesn't want them calling their friends/family, but because they don't want them to go on SNS. Ever since the invention of smartphones and iphones, people have been able to go on SNS on their phones. I feel like young people these days take their cell phones for granted because when I was in high school, our cell phones phones had none of these hi-tech features. We could only call, text (and have to press the same button multiple times to get the letter we want because our phones didn't have keyboards back then and we had to rely on the number pad to type), and take crappy resolution pictures.

unseen Sweet_Milk_Tea Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I know, I mean, it's not bad using SNS on cellphones, but the problem comes when it becomes obsessive and you waste too much time on that.

periwinkledomo Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ugh the cell phone thing. wat does that do anyway? so they cant contact ppl in the industry and date i guess? its entertainment though, getting connections is absolutely everything, so the no cell phone thing is ridiculous. ppl who rly want to date will do it even without the use of a cell phone. also theyre in entertainment. if they want to be successful in entertainment, they need to not maintain idol images. every single successful idol group member has eventually let go of the whole idol image thing. their company should be concerned about making sure the members are finding ways to cope with the stress and to eat healthy and actually important things, not things like this.

Sweet_Milk_Tea periwinkledomo Tuesday, July 19, 2016

well cell phones these days come with SNS and companies don't want idols to go on SNS when they should be practicing and stuff. I'm sure they can still use the company's phone to contact people.

NgohiongPuso Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Even during A Style For You... Heechul always expressed his likes on GFriends! hahaha

sonelflee Tuesday, July 19, 2016

HAHAHA heechul! you sure do love Friend. XDD

OhMyGuy Tuesday, July 19, 2016

No cell phones? But why? They are hugely successful! With G-friend making this rude company so much money and fame the least they could do is give them freaking cell phones, this honestly is just ridiculous....

BuddyPanda Tuesday, July 19, 2016

i was sure it was sinb, she dress however she likes xD. its fine for me, she is beautiful in any dress she wear anyway,

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