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Director Hong Sang Soo's wife comments on his affair with actress Kim Min Hee

Kim Min Hee
Ugly details of DirectorHong Sang Soo's (56) scandalous affair with actress Kim Min Hee(34) have been revealed as hiswife made statements to media outlets.

Mrs. Hong and acquaintances let it all out in an interview with Dispatch, revealing details of her husband and Kim Min Hee's affair as well as her own relationship with the director. The director and his same-aged wife originally met during their studies in America while he attended California College of the Arts, and she, a US citizen, attended UC Berkeley. The married couple have one college-aged daughter, but reportedly, they often said they had two kids, considering their pet dog of 13 years as a son.

According to Dispatch, Mrs. Hong knew when she saw her husband's film 'Right Now, Wrong Then', starring Kim Min Hee, that the story contained his feelings for the actress. However, she's said to have suppressed her suspicions.As previously revealed, she is said to have been devastated when Hong Sang Soo eventually moved out of their home together.

Dispatch revealed Mrs. Hong stated, "We've lived together for 30 years. We were a married couple that everyone envied. Director Hong is a family man. He was caring... I respected him as a director and loved him as a husband." Hong Sang Soo reportedly confessed to his daughter that he was involved with another woman last September and blatantly told his wife, "I want to live with someone else. You date other men too," during the same period. When Mrs. Hong and their daughter tried to hold him back, he reportedly stated he was in love with someone else and wanted to create a family with her instead.It's said Mrs. Hong was also responsible for caring after Director Hong's late mother, who was suffering from Alzheimer's disease until her death.

When Mrs. Hong confronted Kim Min Hee about the affair, the actress reportedly replied, "That's why you should've managed your husband better." When the actress' mother approached the confrontation, Kim Min Hee is said to have told her not to listen to Mrs. Hong, calling her crazy. However, her mother is said to have been aware of the affair, telling Mrs. Hong, "I'll convince my daughter and Director Hong. I'll return him to your family."

In a recent interview with Star News, Mrs. Hong stated, "I will never divorce him. I'm going to wait for him until I die. I still love my husband, and he loved me too. Everyone around us knows how family-oriented my husband is. I'm being hopeful. My husband will return to me."

It's getting uglier than a K-drama.

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