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Jessica talks about keeping in touch with Girls' Generation and Tiffany's solo debut

By elliefilet   Tuesday, May 17, 2016   270,525   21,053   0



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Jessica opened up about keeping in touch with the Girls' Generation members as well as the solo debut of her former member Tiffany in an interview with TV Report on May 17. 

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With her recent solo debut with "Fly", Jessica has been unable to avoid questions about Girls' Generation, especially considering Tiffany's own solo debut with "I Just Wanna Dance". Jessica commented, "I think the showdown between me and Tiffany will be fun for those watching. I've listened to her song and watched her music video as well as her showcase. I think Tiffany showed what she personally wanted to show."

She added, "Rather than a rivalry, the color of our music is really different, so I hope people can listen and have fun. I'm cheering on Tiffany's promotions."

As for whether she's been in touch with the Girls' Generation members, Jessica answered, "I keep in touch with some members and not others. We can't promote together, but I hope Girls' Generation does well for a long time."
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yoona_addict Tuesday, February 7, 2017

why all of you blamed SNSD members for Jessica leaving ?As we all know that who kicked her out from GG is SM Entertaiment and GG members dont have power to defense Jessica..Please if you are SONE or former SONE please understand the situation..

beautiful_flower Wednesday, October 5, 2016

yay snsd nine members in our hearts and their hearts and 8 in the eyes

ManagerHwang Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It gives me a total heartbreak after reading Jessica's statement regarding her keeping in touch with the girls (but not all). It just make my heart aches. Seriously, I still cannot move on her leaving the group. It's still a shock for me that every time I'm watching SNSD performs, only with 8 angels on the stage. It fcking hurts man.

THATY Tuesday, June 28, 2016

this is so FAKE. they kicked her out, why she would keep in touch with them? in an interview with BILLBOARD she says: "I haven't seen them in several years but I really wish them the best."

ThisGuy THATY Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Because she's a grown women who doesn't hold grudges. Same goes for SNSD. And with some she was better friends then with others

babyblackjack Saturday, May 21, 2016

I like how she's very open abut talking about SNSD.

cawla Thursday, May 19, 2016

Is this true? If this us true i hope we'll know who in the members she still keep in touch with

zuzy_cardet Thursday, May 19, 2016

She wanted to be free the way she is now, under SM would have been extremely difficult to have her business and else, she wanted also to date, her future was totally different from Girls Generation, and I don't think the members are at fault for her things, she was with Tayler in China when the girls were departing to their tour in Japan, we all know how seriously the idol life is, so I believe she started to not take seriously the group and even talked to the company about leaving after Mr Mr, and well the things turned out this way. She is happy now I think, at least she smiles more and have everything, still singing, dating, mcing, and in her business.. good for her...

WrldBstzic Thursday, May 19, 2016


WrldBstzic Thursday, May 19, 2016

ofc, i am sure that Jessica's keeping in touch with Yoona. YoonSic so beautiful friendship. Yoona is nicest ot8 member, ever and i'm sure Yoona's always more than happy to help and supporting her members and group. i think yoona is secretly supporting jessica's album so that's why Yoona changed her ig bio into a golden star  was meant for Jessica's album. jessica posted a selca on ig with Y sign on Yoona birthday last year ( Y for Yoona)

Alexgp Thursday, May 19, 2016

Damn that was rough to read..i know many SONES out there say they have to wait till they hear the other side of the story, and that the fact that it was the members the ones who decided to kick her out was not true.They never spoke about it and never will anytime soon, all they said was "we only did it to protect GG".The fact that she says "i only talk with some members" just proves that they somehow were involved in Jessica's departure, she doesnt even sounds that excited to see Tiffany either, sounds more like a politically correct answer if u ask me.Time has passed and people do move along, but what they did was shady as f*ck, wishing Jessica all the best, and also to all the other members, we are all humans, not perfect and make mistakes, but i guess we cant forget the good times GG gave us, for me personally, they cheered me up just because when i was on this very depressing part of my life, and till today they still do. they introduced me to Kpop as well and im very grateful for that!

zuzy_cardet Alexgp Thursday, May 19, 2016

Agree with you! I beg when you are in a group, doing business because that is their work as a group you have a responsibility, Jessica wanted to do other things and I am pretty sure they talked a lot about it, just watch Jessica and Krystal reality show and you will see how indifferent she was about GG when they played I got a boy in the car, and talking about marriage and more things that were clearly not GG. Jessica wanted to date and to do fashion, I believe that they members just felt she was focusing on other things more so they just let her go, remember she was late when the other girls were departing to Japan the day everything happened, maybe SM gave her an ultimatum and was that day lol, now that she said about talking to some members and others not, I totally believe that they discussed with her and some of the girls just did not agree.

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