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[Album & MV Review] Woohyun - 'Write..."

By eric_r_wirsing   Monday, May 23, 2016   24,936   5,610   7



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Track List:

1. Write...
2. Still I Remember
3. That Person
4. Scent
5. Gravity
6. Stand by me
7. Everyday (Hidden track)

It's been six years since INFINITE debuted, and Sunggyu has released a solo album. It's been a long time coming, but now Inspirits can be happy, because Woohyun has finally dropped his 7-track mini-album 'Write...'

There's also a bit of controversy (when is there not?) surrounding the physical packaging of the CD. Apparently, no one can open it. Fear not -- for those still struggling, there is an answer:

On to the actual music. This disc is suffused with big ballads and soothing tunes. The title track "Still I Remember" is the second liveliest song on the album, ambling along at a comfortable pace. We're treated to Woohyun's emotional falsetto early on, but it's about the 3-minute mark that you get chills and the waterworks start.

The songs really show a man in pain, haunted by memories of an ex. There are two tracks here that I particularly enjoyed -- "Gravity" and the hidden track "Everyday." Those songs are smiles amidst the tears; high-powered, upbeat songs that promise everything will be alright. They're also composed and written by Woohyun himself, showing off his strengths as a singer-songwriter. "Gravity" has an intriguing connection to the song that follows it, "Stand By Me," as the latter tune tears down everything promised in "Gravity," giving us a vignette.

The album is nostalgic and wistful, ringed with an aura of regret. The songs, with the exception of two, are all about missed opportunities and wrong turns in relationships. He may be an idol singer, but on 'Write...' Woohyun is the tour guide through the caverns of his broken heart.


Woohyun is on a trip through Southeast Asia, as he floats in a gondola through steaming jungles, canvasses the streets in China, and rides the rails in Japan, searching for his lost love. He has a hint of where she went, as he traces her travels on a map...

While the scenery was kind of interesting, and the backstory with the girl and her dad, the scenes with him were overwrought. He cries in almost every scene, drowning not just the props but the entire MV in tears. While that may seem sensitive to some, I say it was overdone here. They also tended to distort the edges with a blurry light, which further served to annoy me. Although the lonely wind chimes at the end were a nice stylistic touch.

All in all, the MV wasn't really my cup of tea. I'm sure fans will flock to it and cry when he does, but it didn't really make an impression on me.


MV Relevance..........7
MV Production.........7
MV Concept.............8
Album Production...8
Album Concept........8


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infinik8 Tuesday, May 24, 2016

not fair the score is too low....

Sexyelly00 Monday, May 23, 2016

Could you please write the article properly? Re the physical album packaging, you wrote No one can open it in bold red letters! Well if no one can open it then no one was able to see it and listen? Lol Why dont u try write POSITIVELY and rephrase it with they had a hard time opening it or like they don't know how to open it properly without damaging it or you can say it was well packaged...Also, a ballad MV with a concept of a lost love, broken heart or longingness should be emotional right? Crying, sad face, teary eyes is just natural to express a sad song. I hope some articles can be written fairly being a fan of the subject or not. Every Idol has his/her own talent and charms and a forte of their own genre. Ballad Songs are naturally not lively compared to dance songs but I hope ballad songs will be more appreciated bec it will show true vocal talent. Woohyun did a good job. The physical album is very nice. The MV is worth watching!

vaxanne Monday, May 23, 2016

Buy the physical album, it's worth every cent. And Woohyun earns more from there too.

afterglows Monday, May 23, 2016

No horrible references to worldwide human rights issues here? How can you even show your face after ignoring everything your Tiffany reviewed brewed up?

JaeYong_VeE Monday, May 23, 2016

I bought the album on iTunes and it didn't include the hidden track "Everyday" :(

Twizzler123 JaeYong_VeE Monday, May 23, 2016

You have to buy the physical album I think.

_TardisBlue JaeYong_VeE Monday, May 23, 2016

Only the physical album contains it. I have the iTunes album and the physical album. The physical album is tracks 1-6 (listed above). Tracks 7-25 are blank (apparently, the limited edition black & gold version has him breathing/talking/little messages Lmfao). And then track # 26 is Everyday. It's #26 cuz he's 26 this year in Korean age. I find that totally cute. ^.^

The End



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