Posted by Susan-Han Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sechskies fans are hopelessly lost on today's fan culture + thought rice wreaths were for members to eat

No K-pop fan can pass this article by without an "Aww" at this adorable, revitalized fandom. 

It was previously reported that 1st generation idol group Sechskies would be reuniting for a comeback for the 1st time in 16 years. Fans of Sechskies, who have been dormant for 16 long years, have waken up to the good news with more than eager spirits - but that doesn't mean they're exactly up to date on the latest fan culture trends!

As a result, Sechskies fans have been spotted roaming various online communities, asking a myriad of questions to prepare for the group's upcoming solo concert, as well as a possible comeback. 

One question by a Sechskies fan dealt with the ever popular support wreaths, asking, "Do they do wreaths these days? We want to do everything everyone else does for our oppas." 

In response, current fans said, "These days we do rice wreaths." 

Sechskies fans then eagerly suggested among one another, "Let's do brown rice instead of white rice" and "It's better for their health", as well as "Brown rice is sort of like our fandom color, yellow!" 

Even more questions arose as fans asked,

"We're an old grandma fan club and we don't know anything about how they do things these days, so please answer a few of our questions... What exactly are rice wreaths and if we send those, do the members eat them? Do they not use vertical banners anymore? What is a slogan? Is there a fan club president these days? How else do you guys contact the label? Why can't we make placards?" 

A few kind fans seemed to have clarified for the Sechskies fans, also known as D.S.F, that the rice included in rice wreaths are donated to charitable causes. 

After 16 years, these Sechskies fans are still so supportive of their idols! Do you see yourself just as loyal in the next 16 years? 

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