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Netizens reach for ways to hate on NCT's Taeyong

Netizens are at it again. This time around, the netizens' hate was directed toward NCT's Taeyong, who, in their eyes acted a bit rudely on a radio show.

Under a post titled 'Taeyong radio script, is he nuts?' a netizen sharesa gif that shows Taeyong casually crumpling up the script that was given to him by the radio show crew. In the body of the post, the netizen writes, "...it's the first time I've seen anyone do that with a script..."

It seems many netizens are still feeling a bit iffy about Taeyong's past and are willing to look for any reasons to hate on him.

The top comments on the post read,"????????????? I doubted my eyes for a second but he acted like that at a radio show???? That's really rude to the writers; [I can't believe] he just did that to their hard work," "Lololololol I think the answer is for him to leave the group," "Why did SM debut a kid like this... all the other members are wary of him too. He's too douchey," "Do their fans only like them because of their looks? They are good looking but I'd rather be fans of SHINee or EXO," and, "The more I look at this Taeyong kid the more he seems to be turning into another Baekhyun."

What are your thoughts on this issue? Are netizens overreacting or was Taeyong careless in his actions?

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