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SM trainee's alleged bullying exposed to the public

A trainee currently under SM Entertainment, named Park Soo Yeon, is under fire for her alleged iljin past. 

An iljin is basically the Korean equivalent of a bully, known for mercilessly picking on people they deem as easy targets. And it appears that there is enough evidence pointing toward Park Soo Yeon and her past as a so-called iljin. 

A netizen has taken the liberty to expose Park Soo Yeon's blemished past, uploading a bunch of screen captures to give a bit of background on the trainee. 

The poster shared a capture of a long post written by Park Soo Yeon's past schoolmate. The schoolmate wrote, "There was this girl who picked on everyone at our school (including myself) and was a huge fangirl of EXO, and I think she became an SM trainee lololololol She is really pretty, you know????? She's got a nice body, face, and her forehead is also really pretty. And she was the head of a vocal club, and man, she sings really well lolololololol But one time she had to do community service after getting caught by the school for drinking and she also went around dating guys left and right. I noticed that a couple minutes ago she wrote on her Facebook, 'End of social media. Beginning of success and being a singer.' That's what she wrote lmaoooooo I read all the comments under that and it was all bitches that hang out with her asking, 'oh, are you really gonna be a junior to EXO,' and can you introduce me to some celebrities once you debut,' and, 'tell me how Girls' Generation, EXO and Red Velvet look in real life.' She has since deleted her account and I was really in tears when I found out. I get serious goosebumps just thinking about this bitch that used to bully everyone so terribly getting applauded by the public. You retard, if you debut, then just know I won't be leaving you alone. I'll expose everything about your past and even expose your friends. Let's see what becomes of you." 

The poster also shared a picture of beer bottles that Park Soo Yeon had uploaded on her Facebook with the caption, "Any pretties want to drink with me? Thank you for cooperating with me, friends." 

Park Soo Yeon herself and her friends have responded to the post but have since deleted their comments. However, captures of the comments are still circulating the net. They read, "I'm uploading this in place of Ah Hyeon Mi, Hye Mi and Hee Jin...like Soo Yeon said, please unblock her and let's resolve this, okay? If you do this, things will get more complicated...and I'm sorry about cursing you out earlier and I won't report you so please delete the post...we will talk about the details through Kakao Talk so just please unblock us," and Park Soo Yeon wrote, "I can see that you blocked me so I'm posting here. I'd like for you to please delete this post. I've apologized for all the instances I've bullied and bothered you so l just wish that you'd unblock me. Honestly, when my friends told me about this post I was really angry but I can understand [why you did it] after thinking about the things I did. Please delete it. Don't ruin someone's life for your sake and just help me..I ask this favor of you. Once you look at your Kakao, I'll delete this comment right away. I told my friends to delete their comments too and to apologize so they're feeling really sorry right now, so please just take down the post. I beg for your forgiveness. Please think about me and don't ruin my life. I'm truly sorry. No, I'll be sorry until my mouth wears out." 

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