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Jun Hyun Moo's remark regarding Junsu makes Hani burst into tears

Hani, Junsu (XIA), Jun Hyun Moo
Jun Hyun Moo maybe went a bit too far with his jokes once again, this time regarding what he said to Hani at the Seoul '25th Seoul Music Awards' held on January 14.  Previously, he had to apologize for his remarks toward Kang Ho Dong.

He, Hani, and Honey Lee were the MCs presiding over the award ceremony on this day. To lighten the mood, Jun Hyun Moo had quipped, "I'm MCing between two 'hanies.' There is a 'hani' on both my right and left sides." Hani returned Jun Hyun Moo's joke with, "Call me 'Carefree Hani.'" Jun Hyun Moo then joked back, "How about 'Junsu Hani'? The guy is handsome (Jun Hyun Moo used the Korean term 'Junsu' which means 'handsome')." 

Though Jun Hyun Moo may have meant no ill will with his words and was simply joking, it was clear that he pushed Hani to the limit as she burst into tears at his remark. Hani quickly tried to hide her tears by turning around and managed to regain her composure but the damage was already done. 

After this segment aired, Jun Hyun Moo received severe backlash from the public, particularly considering that it hasn't even been a month since his last controversy at a live event.

Some of the comments that people left on Jun Hyun Moo's Instagram went, "That was really rude," "You there! You said you wouldn't do this but how can you do it to our Hani noona? I'm really disappointed. I don't ever want to see you on TV again," "For real...this is too much. Didn't you see how nervous she was on 'Radio Star'? She must have been even more nervous. But.... because of you she cried. What are you going to do. Our Hee Yeon (her real name) unnie is crying. She's really a frail and kind person," "Didn't he write an apology just yesterday? Yet he has another slip of the tongue. Was his apology really sincere? It's only a joke if the other party laughs," and, "I wish for Jun Hyun Moo to not come out on TV." 

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