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Posted by AllK_Maknae25 pts Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Most desired bathing suits worn by idols for 2016


Although it may be winter, if you're a summer baby like me, you are probably missing the warm days at the beach, sand between your feet, and sunshine all day long! If you're not lucky enough to travel out this holiday season, why not start preparing for the summer vacation that's just around the corner?

From S-Line, Bagel Girls and Apple Hip conscious styles, ladies it is time to break out the pen and paper because we have compiled a list of the sexiest and most body shape complementing swim suit designs out there! Check it out below!

1.Frills and Designs

Add some thrill to your bathing suits and accent your top with something a little more daring. Frill and 3D designs are the newest trend. It is a simple addition but shows off how dazzling your style is.

(click on image for style)

Whether you want a top piece with realistic flowers or a little frill and lace added to your shoulders and waist, 2016's charming girl style is only achievable with these swimsuits.

2. Rashguards

(click on image for style)

Originally, Rash Guards were water sport suits for someone who enjoys surfing, water-skiing, among other aquatic sports, but these days it has changed into the most trendiest of beachwear.

(click on image for style)

With the trend still being reluctant with exposure to the sun and increasing the attention of skin health, women are taking the extra precautions and this style is a saving grace.. Like Go Jun Hee, Kang Ye Won, and Sulli, some Rash guard exposes navel to emphasize a slender waist. Even girl groups like EXID look fine in some sweet rash guard bathing suits as well.

3. Tankini

(click on image for style)

Tankini is 'Tank-top' plus 'bikini' - plain and simple. However, it is the design and styles that make this swimsuit shine brighter than a diamond. It can cover a thick waist or a flat chest, so I suggest for these types of girls to select fancy colored tops and plain color bottoms because it draws attention to the right places!

(click on image for style)

4. High-waisted

(click on image for style)

This type is good for those who may have had a little bit too much KBBQ this winter. Why? Because the pants of this chic swimsuit presses gently on the lower abdomen, making you appear a little more thin. Also it has a higher cut which elongates the leg. So feel entitled to that ice-cream on the beach when the food trucks drive by!

(click on image for style)

5. Monokini

(click on image for style)

To accentuate the slimness of one's waist, select the Mono-kini. Everyone's eyes will be locked on that thin waist, girl. The colorful patterns on it makes them even better. These are popular for not only showing off the body but also adding a sensibility of conservative styles. The designs also help flatter the body shape.

(click on image for style)

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