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Korean netizens react to 2NE1's surprise performance at '2015 MAMA'

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We bet you were surprised when not only CLbut all of 2NE1 performed at '2015 MAMA'. In a good way, right? It's been so long since we've seen them all perform together! You know how you reacted when you saw it, but how did Korean netizens react?

What happened was that after CL's solo performance, one by one the rest of the 2NE1 members came on stage, surprising the audience and viewers alike, as they performed "I Am The Best". The crowd went wild and cheered loudly for each and every member, but it looks like overall netizens saw it a little differently.

This is how Korean netizens reacted (taken from a popularNewsen article about 2NE1's performance:

Top comments with over a thousand likes:

"I was surprised once by CL's back dancer, then surprised by Minzy's tongue, then surprised by Park Bom's face...please stop...she touched on her nose again."

"Did Park Bom even self-reflect?"

"What did they do this year to come out? They should be ashamed, they'll be the first and last girl group to do drugs and come out to an awards ceremony...it seems like."

Other recent comments:

"I knew Park Bom was always like this. I was even more surprised by seeing Minzy... They say it's 2NE1, but there's no Minzy.." (referring to plastic surgery)

"I was shocked by CL's padding...she got too greedy with that."

"Why is a criminal out here?"

"No matter how important an awards ceremony is, and how strong Yang Hyun Suk's pressure is, this is not right. Do fans still look like dupes? When has our country been lenient on drugs?"

"She said she would self-reflect, but she did plastic surgery... Besides Dara, they were all busy changing their appearance kekekeke. Park Bom and Minzy with plastic surgery and CL with her makeup."

The comments towards the 2NE1 members were overwhelmingly negative, not only critical towards Park Bom but the other members too. Hopefully international netizens don't think the same way!

So let us know what you think of the 2NE1 members performing at '2015 MAMA' down below.

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