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Wonder Girls say they understood why Sun and Sohee left the group

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Wonder Girls sat down for a nice, cold drinks and a meal with 'The Daily Sports,' opening up about a variety of topics, among them former members Sohee and Sun.

The interviewer remarked, "Sohee eventually left the group for her acting career." Yenny responded, "Sohee wanted to act ever since she was little. Since we had to promote overseas, she sacrificed some things. I think that's why she wanted to solely focus on acting." 

The interviewer then asked, "How did you feel watching Sun and Sohee [leave the group]?" Lim said, "Of course we wanted us to be together. But if there's something they want to do, then we can't do anything [to stop them]. We can't force them [to stay]." Yenny added, "Sun and Sohee tried their best. And we all talked together. They said continuing as a part of the Wonder Girls would be hard. Sun had dreams about doing missionary work and Sohee wanted to pursue acting. Since we understood them, we were able to end things on a good note." 

Regarding the recent news of Sun's second pregnancy, Yenny commented, "We already knew. We texted her today. When we asked her if she saw the articles, she said she saw them. We talk often." Sunmi chimed in, "We were all in the chatting room, and Sun told us there. We all sent texts congratulating her." 

When the interview asked the members if they're thinking of marriage, Yenny answered, "We do talk about when we're going to marry, though we change our mind all the time." Yubin said, "Right now, work is fun. I want to focus on that now."

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