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Posted by alim17 Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hit K-Pop songs that were supposed to be sung by someone else!

2PM, EXID, KARA, Crayon Pop, Phantom, SECRET, Girls
1. Hit K-Pop songs that were supposed to be sung by someone else!
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It's interesting to note that a lot of songs that go on to do extremely well were not actually meant for that artist! Some songs were created with a specific singer in mind, but they end up in the hands of someone else before moving onto become hits. Which tracks from certain artists had been meant for other artists? Check out the list!
2. EXID's 'Up & Down' - Ailee, Jessi, HyunA
EXID said on many shows that the song was not originally for them - rather they had sung the guide version and the song was intended for other solo artists like Jessi, HyunA, and Ailee. In the end, it was decided that the group sang and matched the song well so it was gifted to them.
3. T-ara's 'Yayaya' 'My Boo' - Co-Ed
Both songs were originally meant for the debut of Co-Ed, but T-ara believed "Yayaya" suited them well, so they took the song. Co-Ed was left to be satisfied with "Too Late" and gave "My Boo" to their seniors as well when they heard how beautifully T-ara sang it.
4. Se7en's 'When I Can't Sing,' K. Will's 'Left Chest,' 2PM's 'Only You,' Taecyeon and Nichkhun's 'My Valentine,' J.Y. Park's 'If' - 2AM
2AM revealed how the songs above were originally meant for them, but were ultimately given away, recounting an amusing story of how J.Y. Park got frustrated with their "poor singing" of "Left Heart," so he gave it to K.Will to debut with. You can see their medley above.
5. Girls' Generation's 'Run Devil Run' - Kesha
Kesha had sung a guide version of this song, but she never used it. SM Entertainment then purchased it for Girls' Generation. In the above audio, you can listen to Girls' Generation's version through left ear phone and Kesha's through right ear phone.
6. Crayon Pop's 'Bar Bar Bar' - K-Much
The song was originally for Crayon Pop's then-debuting junior boy group, K-Much, but the wise company decided that the "Jumping" part seemed to suit a girl group more than a boy group, and the viral hit became Crayon Pop's.
7. Lee Hi's 'Scarecrow' - Park Bom
Yang Hyun Suk was revealed to have gotten this song from J.Y. Park and held onto it, eventually giving it to Lee Hi, but not before he had first given it to Park Bom with the intention of its being her solo debut song in 2008. You can listen to her version above when she sang it at a concert. Which do you prefer?
8. Epik High's 'Fly' - Park Shin Hye
"Fly" was supposed to be the debut song for Park Shin Hye, who was originally supposed to enter the entertainment world as a singer. Lee Seung Hwan had requested it for the actress, but Epik High liked it so much that they kept it for themselves.
9. Phantom's 'Come As You Are' - Verbal Jint
Verbal Jint was originally going to sing this song by himself, but noting Phantom's strengths and weaknesses, he decided it would be a good track to collaborate on.
10. Sophia Pae's 'Still Loving You' - Taeyeon
Sophia Pae originally wrote the song and was going to give it to Taeyeon for her solo track, but as problems arose with SM Entertainment, she took back the song and used it for her own debut track. Taeyeon is known for her amazing ballads, so she would have sung it well, but I do like how Sophia Pae's soulful voice carries the song, as well. It's a beautiful composition, showing off her talent.
11. Son Dam Bi's 'Crazy' - Ivy
Ivy revealed on a variety show that Son Dam Bi's hit track "Crazy" was originally meant for her, but she had been unable to claim it because of issues with her agency. She said she still had lingering feelings and regret whenever she watched Son Dam Bi do the chair dance for it.
12. SECRET's 'Magic' - Seo In Young
Shinsadong Tiger originally wrote this song with Seo In Young in mind, but she turned it down because she didn't believe it suited her image and concept. It was then given to SECRET and became a hit, throwing the girls into the spotlight.
13. KARA's 'Mister' - Any Boy Group
The song "Mister" wasn't intended for any specific group, but it was made in a male key with the intention of giving it to a boy group! That's right! Just imagine your favorite boy group swinging their hips to this track. Suspenders. Butt. Sexy.

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