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EXID's Junghwa grades herself on her first acting through 'Tundra Show'

EXID, Junghwa

EXID's Junghwa attended the press conference for her very first web drama, MBC Everyone's 'Tundra Show,' on July 24 where she graded herself on her acting skills and talked about support from her members.  

She said before the press, "This is my first drama since my debut.  Foremost, I was very worried, and I felt very burdened, too.  However, in my own way, I worked hard at preparing.  There are a lot of things I'm learning on set, too.  It seems like it'll be a good experience, so I am thinking optimistically."

Regarding her fellow group mates, Junghwa stated, "My members have high expectations.  This isn't because they're curious, rather they want to quickly watch it and tease me.  They've always been very playful, but they told me, 'We feel like if we saw you acting, we will get more immersed, so we'll focus and watch it diligently.'  They're always supporting me, and even during filming, they contact me when they have time to encourage me with, 'It must be difficult, but work hard,' so I'm grateful."

The media asked for her to score herself on acting, so she obliged with, "If I just look back at what I've filmed so far, I would give myself about 35 out of a perfect score of 100. However, I will show my development so that up to the last episode, I will become a 100."  Nice resolve!  You go, girl.  

Although she grades herself at 35 for the early part of the drama, give the drama a try once it airs on July 27!

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