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GI (Global Icon) introduce the talented three new members of the group

GI (Global Icon)

Introducing the three new members of GI (Global Icon)! If you've been wondering where these girls have been, here's a sweet update for you fans.

Their entertainment label dropped individual videos for each new member, starting with Do Kyung, who shows off her sexy dance moves. The dark lighting gives it an overall ghostly feel, but that seems to serve the purpose of lending mystery.

Another member is Ji A-min, who is sure to wow you with her incredible singing capabilities and range. Although the high notes can get a bit pitchy, the sweet huskiness of her voice makes it strangely appealing to the ears! There is a ton of potential there.

Lastly is Hee So, who doesn't really get anything but a slideshow of photos, perhaps to accentuate her aesthetics? Get excited for a new GI (Global Icon)!

  1. GI (Global Icon)
  3. HEE SO
  4. JI A-MIN
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