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BTS's V criticized for being inconsiderate toward Big Bang and EXID on 'M! Countdown'

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BTS's V is currently under fire for his actions during 'M! Countdown' where he was seen singing/mouthing the lyrics to Big Bang's "Loser" when it was announced that the group had won against EXID

A gif of V taken from this week's episode of 'M! Countdown' spread like wildfire via Nate Pann where netizens, especially fans of EXID and Big Bang, expressed their irritation in the comment section. 

Fans of Big Bang pointed out that it seemed like V was mocking Big Bang with their own song, leaving comments such as, "Don't artists usually sing their own songs when they place fist? No matter how much he respects Big Bang, why is he singing 'Loser' when he is accepting the trophy??


EXID fans also joined in the thread and expressed their discomfort, especially because the group had just lost to BTS on the episode. 

In addition to fans criticizing V for mocking his senior groups, commenters have also brought up recent rumors accusing BTS of "sajaegi (bulk buying)," claiming that Big Bang had been robbed of first place when it came to album sales.  This recent incident may have just added fuel to the flame.  One netizen even went as far as to claim that BTS had only won against EXID because of the number of album sales.

V must have received several comments in regards to his actions as he recently tweeted on BTS's official Twitter page, "I listen to these three songs everyday before I sleep. I sing it everyday 'cause it's really good so it must have become a habit and when we won the trophy, I was so happy and it came out involuntarily aigoo.. I love you [Big Bang], you guys are so cool!" 

What are your thoughts on the issue?

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btsforeva1234 pts Saturday, May 4, 2019 0
Saturday, May 4, 2019

Ahhh time really flies when you’re having fun...I just came back to give everyone the middle finger for coming after tae when he did nothing wrong. My favs are the top group out right now but....where are yours? LMAOOOOOO


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