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VIXX share their thoughts on 8th trophy and first triple mutizen for 'Love Equation'


Congratulations to VIXXon their 8th overall trophy for "Love Equation" and first triple mutizen since their debut on 'The Show'!

VIXX had their comeback on February 24 with the song "Love Equation", a remake of '90s boy group R.ef's song. The group have since received number one trophies on all the major music shows.

On March 17, VIXX'Ravi shared with OSEN, "We felt burdened about getting first place, but more than that, we wanted to show a bright image and song [to our fans]. We're so happy and joyful about getting first place. We're so thankful to STARLIGHTs and those who listened to our music."

VIXX continued, "Through our 'Love Equation' promotions, we think we found one more path we can do. Before, we questioned whether we could swallow this kind of atmosphere and song."

R.ef's song "Love Equation" was released in 1995, and the VIXX members were so young at the time that they actually didn't know R.ef was the group that sung this song at first."To be honest, we knew the [1995] song 'Love Equation' but didn't know R.ef that well. With this opportunity, we met, talked, and got closer with R.ef. We met them while we were working and after we worked. They gave us a lot of advice we wouldn't have ever thought of, so we're thankful. They like the remake version of the song."

VIXX put a lot of effort into bringing a new feel to the song, adding a melody in the second stanza as well as rap lyrics.
"We kept the fun atmosphere of the song and tried to add in a polished (modern) feel."VIXX's last performance of "Love Equation" will be on March 18, and then they'll begin their concert series in Korea, Japan, and China.

The members said, "Please look forward to our concert and we hope you'll enjoy watching our performances. We were able to happily wrap up our promotions because of the generously huge support of STARLIGHTs."

Check out VIXX's "Love Equation" performance on 'The Show' again here:

You can check out R.ef's 1995 performance of "Love Equation" here:

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