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Posted by Pakman0 pt Thursday, March 19, 2015

Red Velvet to be given a fanclub name + f(x) fans express discontent

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Looks likeRed Velvet fans will soon be able to unite under one name as it has been announced that a fanclub name for the group will be revealed soon.

Recently, a post titled, "Red Velvet Official Fanclub - Supporters Recruitment Guide!" was published on Red Velvet's official website. The post starts off with,"Ahead of announcing Red Velvet's official fanclub name, we are recruiting supporters to start doing activities with Red Velvet."

By "supporters," the post seems to imply that they are looking for fanclub representatives--leading members who can rally others, meet with SM, and are available to match their schedules with that of Red Velvet. Those interested in applying for the position can read the requirements (in Korean) here.

While Red Velvet fans are no doubt excited about this development, some SM stans are not happy with this news--specifically, f(x) fans, who have remained unnamed during the six years f(x) has been active. Fans of the popular group are voicing their complaints, pointing out that it seems unfair that hoobae group Red Velvet receives their fanclub name just seven months after their debut and before their sunbaes.

f(x) fans have taken to Red Velvet's MV "Ice Cream Cake" YouTube comments to express their discontent. Some popular comments include:"Give 'em both a fandom name!I support Red Velvet since their debut, but I think it is not fair [for] f(x) fans that Red Velvet gets a fandom name and f(x), after more than 5 years, keep going without an official fandom name,""WE WANT FANCLUB NAME FOR F(X)!""SM is only focusing on RV. I don't hate RV [...] but it's really unfair to f(x) that they don't have fandom name when they debuted before RV," and,"Catchy music.... A job well done RV! But f(x) still deserves to have their fandom name first before you...."
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