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Posted by Pakman27 pts Friday, March 13, 2015

13 times idols were unlucky

Eugene, Nichkhun, 2NE1, Jimin, Eunji, CNU, Zelo, Big Bang, Ga In, D.O., Sulli, Yura, Hara, Seungyeon, Suzy, Eunji, SHINee, Girls
Happy Friday the 13th everybody! Although some of us may shudder at this unlucky day and are avoiding black cats and ladders at all costs, we can always try to find fun and humor even on the worst days. 

Here are 13 times our own favorite idols were endearingly clumsy, derpy, and just plain unlucky.

1. When idols slipped on broadcast




Before Jennifer Lawrence's award acceptance fall, there was IU.

2. when these idols tripped on stage.



Got right back up like a pro, though.


Speaking of quick recoveries:

The fall looked bad, but she got back up and got her girls to keep goin'. Like a bawss.

3. That time when L.Joe was supposed to jump

... but didn't. 

4. When these guys made a mistake on-stage

... and everyone noticed.

"Aaaah!" (3:15 mark)

Heechul zoning out

5. When these idols had to perform, rain or shine

Singing in the rain?

Doesn't look fun at all.

How about in negative bajillion degree weather?

Yeah, I'll pass. 

"Wow, I'm so happy to see my favorite idols in my toasty warm jacket."

"Save us.

6. Smile, you're on derpcam!

Fans are great. But when they carry cameras, they can become your worst enemies.

7. Curse the screenshot.

Even without cameras, fans have immortalized the silliest, ugliest of expressions just by capturing their screens. 

8. That time a stylist managed to make YoonA, Sulli, and Suzy look terrible.


9. When there were stylists who somehow thought these outfits were a good idea. 

10. When these idols got styled with hair like: 

11. That time when Rain had an outlet as a nipple.

12. When these idols were photoshopped horribly

Ga In is not that tall. 

I'm pretty sure Yunho has two nipples. 

And that Nichkhun has a belly button. 

13. When these idols were photoshopped by their fans.

Trolls. All of y'all.

  1. Eugene
  2. Nichkhun
  3. 2NE1
  4. Jimin
  5. Eunji
  6. CNU
  7. Zelo
  8. Big Bang
  9. Ga In
  10. D.O.
  11. Sulli
  12. Yura
  13. Hara
  14. Seungyeon
  15. Suzy
  16. Eunji
  17. SHINee
  18. Girls' Generation
  19. SPICA
  20. Super Junior
  21. T-ara
  22. TEEN TOP
  23. TVXQ
  24. Sohee
  25. IU
  26. Rain
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