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Posted by Pakman0 pt Saturday, February 7, 2015

Two Ilbe members charged for the Danwon High School fishcake picture mocking Sewol victims


The Ansan Danwon Police Station recently announced that they found the culprits responsible for the Danwon High School Ilbe picture that mocked Sewol Ferry victims. 




On January 26, the internet was shocked when what appeared to be a student wearing a Danwon High School uniform uploaded the above picture of himself eating a fishcake. The controversy arose from his caption in which he stated, "I ate my friends," implying that he was eating the fish that fed off the Danwon students who died in the Sewol Ferry incident. 

Furthermore, the student makes the signature sign for Ilbe with his hand. Ilbe is an internet community that uses its freedom of speech to say controversial things and start controversial trends, such as mocking the suicide of former President Roh Moo Hyun as well as the deaths of the Sewol Ferry victims. 


A day after the picture was first posted, the Danwon High School family council requested that the original uploader be punished and a police investigation ensued. 

According to reports, the culprits were not students at Danwon High School, but two Ilbe members--a 20-year-old Kim and a 30-year-old Cho. Kim was primarily responsible for uploading the picture, but Kim and Cho both planned the "joke" by purchasing a Danwon uniform off a second-hand goods website together. 

Kim told the police, "I didn't intend to insult the victims; I did it to receive attention." Police seem to think different, however, as they stated, 
"We confirmed that the crime was committed systematically and we applied for an arrest warrant out of concern that [Kim] would destroy evidence." They continued, "Once we secure the offender, we plan on investigating for any additional crimes.

While the police have applied for an arrest warrant for Kim, Cho has been formally charged without detention.

Top netizen comments include: "Why are you not revealing these bastards' full identities? Makes me sick to think that they can clean up their past and get married,"If he wants attention, does he want to be tied up at Gwanghwamun Square so that the many passing people can take interest, film him, and each slap him? This low-life Ilbe bastard ^^," and, "I'm dumbfounded.... Because he wanted attention.... The families who saw the picture, how their blood must have boiled~. They're children, siblings, and parents who will feel the sadness of loss for their whole lives. You mock them and karma will get you back~. I'm saying that although you don't know their pain now, you will feel it someday!

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