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'Sports Chosun' ranks girl group idols for 2015

2NE1, 4minute, AOA, A Pink, Dal Shabet, EXID, f(x), Girl

'Sports Chosun' revealed their results for girl group rankings of 2015 using fans' rankings that were posted onto a recent online community entitled 'Girl Group Rankings to Look at for Fun' as the foundation. They also added in the stances and opinions from 10 girl group representatives.

As you can see in the chart, the first ranking is entitled 'The Uncrossable Wall of the 4th Dimension,' meaning a ranking that is hard to enter.  It consists of Girls' Generation, 2NE1, and SISTAR with Girl's Day making their way into that tier. The article noted that while Girls' Generation and 2NE1 remain in this top star tier, this wasn't completely satisfactory, either, saying that the former's competitiveness was greatly falling while 2NE1 lost their chance.  'Sports Chosun' predicts a large change here next year, calling these two groups 'An Uneasy First Place.'  

In the second tier entitled 'National Constituency,' A Pink snugly sat in the spot alone, although it was noted that AOA was quickly rising into the tier--just not there quite yet.  

A Cube's deputy Kang Yoon Shik said regarding AOA, "Their musical development isn't bad and they're a group that succeeded after changing to a sexy concept," while Dream Tea Entertainment's diretor Na Sang Chun said, "They're consistently maturing and garnering recognition, so they're a group whose future promotions I look forward to."

In the third 'High Society' tier, groups SECRET, f(x), 4minute, and KARA snugly ranked there with the note that f(x) went down one while KARA went up one.

In the fourth 'Mania Floor' are EXID (first entry), miss A (down one), and Nine Muses.  The most interesting one is EXID, who suddenly rose to fame this year. Starship Entertainment's Director Seo Hyun Joo said, "They're a group that created the term 'forced comeback' after gaining hot interest from men through member Hani's fancam.

The article also raised up the question of Suzy, who has been promoting alone for a long time due to her immense popularity.  One rep, who asked for anonymity, stated, "Because [Suzy's popularity] is lasting, the group in its entirety is steadily losing its strength," while another stated, "It's a group that has absolutely no meaning without Suzy."

The next tier, 'Popularity Maginot Line,' includes T-ara, Dal Shabet (down one), Crayon Pop (down one), and Hello Venus.  The last tier, 'Candidate Group,' include BESTie and lots of impressive rookie groups like MAMAMOO, Red Velvet, G-Friend, and SONAMOO.  

SM Entertainment's Head of Department Kim Eun Ah said, "G-Friend are gaining attention from male fans recently for their refreshing image while SONAMOO was attention-grabbing with their powerful dance and strong image.  MAMAMOO is, as expected, receiving a lot of attention as a talented rookie group."  Director Jung Won Jung said, "Red Velvet has enough potential when it comes to expectations because they're SM's new girl group."

Do you agree with this list?

  1. 2NE1
  2. 4minute
  3. AOA
  4. A Pink
  5. Dal Shabet
  6. EXID
  7. f(x)
  8. Girl's Day
  9. Hello Venus
  10. KARA
  11. miss A
  12. Suzy
  13. Nine Muses
  14. Crayon Pop
  15. SECRET
  16. SISTAR
  17. Girls' Generation
  18. T-ara
  19. BESTie
  21. Red Velvet
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