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Dohee worries about her character role as a mukbang BJ for 'Boarding House #24'

By Pakman   Saturday, September 20, 2014   14,771   2,280   2



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On September 19 at the IFC Mall CGV Theatre, MBC Everyone's upcoming sitcom 'Boarding House #24' held a press conference. Cast member Tiny-G's Dohee talked about her character role as a mukbang broadcast jockey (BJ). (For a detailed explanation on what a mukbang BJ is, click here.)

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Dohee revealed that she has been doing research, saying, "Because I will be taking on the role of mukbang BJ [soon], I looked up a lot of actual mukbang BJs." She continued, "From what I saw, there are many successful public [mukbang BJs]. They eat a crazy amount and eat it really deliciously. I eat well and have a good appetite too but compared to them I seem to be lacking; I got worried [after watching them]."

"I have also worried that I might gain weight as a celebrity. But I'm actually eating more deliciously than I thought I would. The only thing is, when I'm acting as a mukbang BJ, it's very difficult because I have no scripts to follow. I'm not good at ad-libbing, so every time I do the mukbang [parts] I feel a little worried [that I might not do a good job]."

Despite her concerns, Dohee made a promise to her audience. As being a mukbang BJ usually involves having to stay in one room in front of the webcam, Dohee eagerly suggested that she would try going outside to the streets for a real, live mukbang, saying, "If the ratings [for 'Boarding House #24' go over 3% I will actually do mukbang in Myeongdong."

Although Dohee has expressed her anxiety over her role and performance, it seems that she at least gets along with the cast very well. Kim Kwang Kyu particularly seems to like Dohee a lot, as he reportedly said, "Among this star-studded cast, there is someone I would like to make my daughter. It's Dohee. Honestly her appearance is a bit similar [to mine]. If I had a little more hair I think we would look alike."

'Boarding House #24' will be a show that follows the dreams, careers, friendships, and love lives of six youths. It will feature 20 different situations that pull viewers in for their realistic story. The show will broadcast on September 23 at 6 PM KST.

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yooonoon Saturday, September 20, 2014

waah dohee is getting popular ^^

b1banaa4 Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's so weird to me that people are into watching others just eat...

pinkycheetosh Saturday, September 20, 2014

yeah me too

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