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EXO reveal their thoughts on what it was like to prepare for the concert after Kris's lawsuit, their future goals, & more during press conference

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Before their final night of their first solo concert in Korea, the members of EXO sat down to answer some questions and reveal their thoughts at a press conference.

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The most pressing question on the minds of the reporters was of course regarding the lawsuit filed by Kris and his absence at the concert. 

Regarding this, some of the members carefully spoke about their reaction to the situation and what it was like to prepare for the concert. EXO-K's leader Suho commented, "During that time, we were just mostly shocked, and as it was a time period right before the concert, all the members were hurting not only physically but emotionally as well... But because of this, we were able to unite even stronger to prepare for the concert, and as we strengthened our teamwork, we successfully concluded two days of the concert [so far]."

Chanyeol also added, "At first it was very confusing and we worried a lot about whether we would be able to show fans a perfect stage... So we talked among ourselves a lot and practiced even more... As we practiced, we were able to strengthen our unity and produce a more perfect stage."

Baekhyun expressed his grateful heart, sharing, "It was hard changing the music or the choreography, but I think the choreographers, the managers, and the staff had an even harder time than us... I'm also proud and thankful of the members for getting through it well."

"There is a saying 'the ground gets harder after the rain', and like this, it seems like the members were able to come together and become even stronger," Chen stated.

Regarding the mixed reactions that have come about, Lay expressed honestly, "We also did an interview with a Chinese media outlet before. This happening is upsetting. If there is something I was hurt and disappointed by, it's that fans were picking sides due to weird rumors and misunderstandings had come about. I hope things like this won't happen again and that we can be an EXO who are one."

Luhan added, "I think the part about this situation that touched me the most is that even though this happened a week before the concert and the stage and choreography had to be all redone, a perfect stage was able to be produced. So I was really moved by that."

When asked about his tears spilled during the first day of the concert, Suho revealed that it was due to once again realizing the love of fans and the strength that he gains from it. "My birthday was on the first concert day... We had a party with the fans and tears did form in my eyes... I suddenly felt happy... Recently I had been wondering about what happiness is... but I think I found my answer through the fans... I also realized that the greatest happiness is that the EXO members and the fans are in this together. Although it was something I've already known, I couldn't help but tear up."

Regarding their future goals and their popularity in China, Tao responded, "We are popular, but I don't think that we are perfect yet... I think we still have a lot that we're lacking in... EXO will work hard and promote as 11 members... We won't stop and we will put in all our efforts and work hard to become a #1 group in Asia and beyond." 

Kai also stated, "As we were preparing for this concert, I wondered whether we'd be able to fill up this stadium. But after adding a third day beyond the initial two days, my dream grew bigger. I know that a lot of fans weren't able to come see us, so I hope that we will be able to hold a concert at the Sangam World Cup Stadium in the future... I was really surprised to hear that we would be adding another date, and I thought 2 days wasn't enough time before, so I was really happy to add another day to meet with even more fans."

After wrapping up their Seoul concert at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium later today, EXO is said to be planning a tour visiting several cities in Asia including those in China, as well as Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

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ShreyaExodus Monday, April 6, 2015


ShreyaExodus Monday, April 6, 2015

Luhan: I'm leaving!!!!!

ShreyaExodus Monday, April 6, 2015

Several months later:

ShreyaExodus Monday, April 6, 2015

People thought that wouldn't happen again.

escaflowne007 Tuesday, June 17, 2014

People need to stop complaining about Kris and back-lashing SM. Kyungsoo is acting in a movie (Cart) and a drama (It's okay, it's love), Baekhyun is acting in his musical, Luhan is acting in his movie (Back to 20), Tao is acting in Zhang Liyin's mv and Suho did get a cameo for Prime Minister and I. If SM denied Kris' acting offers its because Exo was busy promoting as a group, they had like 3 comebacks in a year and they were still rookies. His schedule obviously wouldn't allow for it. Krystal got denied a lot of roles offered to her because of Fxs schedule but now she gets to do a lot of things like Heirs and her reality show, all the members of Fx get too do many things now actually but Fx barely gets comebacks now because they're all busy doing solo activities, do you want Exo to be like that so you can complain about that instead? If Kris waited a little maybe he'd have more opportunities since SM wanted to just focus on Exo as a whole group first and spread their name but no he wanted to start ;doing his own things only a year after they debuted. Some things in life don't just come to you, you have to work for them. Besides, Kris did debut as a member of Exo, not as an actor. It seems like he prioritizes his acting career more than Exo. No apologies, nothing from him and then boom~he's going into acting, nice move. He shoulder just auditioned to be an actor so that a whole lot of people wouldn't have to go through this torture like in the past few months.So many people are effected and hurt by this incident that Kris's health can't even compare. If Kris is hurt than a million other people out there are even more hurt. He should've find a different way to quit Sm, kpop and Exo.

krimmy Friday, June 20, 2014

Move onnn.

xangelax Tuesday, June 17, 2014

exo stay strong!

kpopfanzone Monday, June 16, 2014

i agree with all the EXO member, but i think they never show any care for Kris or wanting him back to the group!

jingguji Thursday, June 19, 2014

"It's not what I didn't feel, it's what I didn't show." -Misery (by Maroon 5) Just like the song lyrics above, maybe they did feel it, but just wanted to stay strong for the fans, so they won't worry.

kpopfanzone Friday, July 11, 2014

@jingguji make sense!

MaySz Thursday, June 12, 2014

They're so not caring about Kris at all.
Having a hard time?? Well imagine feeling so mistreated that you have to actuallly leave your friends and your work

Because Kris knows how shitty SM is, and that is what I like from him,he knows he has honor and dignity

Its so sad that the EXO members accept this kind of treatment and don't say a word.How am I, as a fan, admire them when they cannot even speak their minds and take action under such crappy conditions. And when someone does it, they feel betrayed???? WTF?

Props to Kris,he's so brave and above all,he has DIGNITY. ;

laila28 Saturday, June 14, 2014

Basically the rest of the members are fine with the management and we can't really blame them because kris walked out of the group without even informing them, he walked out in the midst of preparation and it was hard for the remaining boys to change the formations, the VCR and stuff. They were preparing hard just to know that one of the group left them, it was very hard for them as well. Plus we are not sure if kris left because of inhumane treatment there can be other reason. and just so you know, it is not true that they are not caring abt kris anymore, when they filmed the happy camp just this week and saw the VCR of them before they debuted ( with kris ) almost all of them could not help but just to cry, its like all the emotions that they kept suddenly burst out.

jingguji Thursday, June 19, 2014

You don't know everything, we will probably won't know everything. Plus they've been together for like 2 years now, they probably miss him loads

LuhanIsHartHart Sunday, June 1, 2014

Emegesh They Will Have a Concert In The Philippines *le Dies*

LuhanIsHartHart Sunday, June 1, 2014

Im Happy That They Will Have A Concert Here But I Really Miss The Guy Who Likes Galaxy .. .TT^TT

LuhanIsHartHart Sunday, June 1, 2014

Im Happy That They Will Have A Concert Here But I Really Miss The Guy Who Likes Galaxy .. .TT^TT

LuhanIsHartHart Sunday, June 1, 2014

Emegesh They Will Have a Concert In The Philippines *le Dies*

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