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Posted by joy_k1 pt Saturday, May 17, 2014

10 Idols That Look Best in Glasses

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K-pop idols can seemingly pull off anything and full framed Buddy Holly styled glasses are a trendy look.  I personally opt to only wear my glasses at night (because unfortunately I don't look my best in glasses), but there are many idols that rock this look flawlessly.  Still, some pull off this look better than others, so let's see which idols made my list of top ten (in no particular order)! 


IU looks like the most lovable nerd in the world when she wears glasses!  She rocks the look often both on and off screen—whether she's dressed in character as an innocent schoolgirl, such as her role in 'Dream High,' or just dressed comfortably for a long flight, she always pulls it off.  Glasses act as an accessory that highlights her cute personality. 

SHINee Minho

Minho looks like a model in anything and everything, so it's no surprise that he looks chic in glasses as well.  Although he is still at a young age, rather than looking like a student in glasses, he gives off a mature and sophisticated aura as you can see in the above pictures.  The only exception is when he wears Harry Potter-like glasses—I guess everyone has an inner nerd side, right?

2NE1 Dara

Dara has the ability to pull off an array of looks—depending on the style of the glass frames she wears, she is able to come off as laid back, nerdy, fierce, and/or chic.  As one of Korea's leaders in fashion, it's no surprise that Dara utilizes glasses as an accessory to try new looks. 

B2ST Kikwang

After his cute, stereotypical, nerdy, schoolboy-in-glasses stint in B2ST's "Beautiful" and "I Like You the Best" music videos, it's impossible to not put him on this list.  Kikwang definitely rocks the nerdy, nice-guy look in glasses, but his good looks are still glaringly visible—we're reminded that he's also the charismatic Kikwang we see on stage. 


Hara is the epitome of a girl with a bubbly, carefree personality.  Everything this girl does is cute, but glasses highlight her youthful features and her persona.  Even when she goes for goofy frames, they look like they were designed for her.  It's difficult for Hara to go wrong, and glasses are no exception! 

EXO Kris

EXO in general hosts a group of very good-looking guys.  However, when it comes to idols that look great in glasses, Kris tops the list (although Chanyeol is a close second!).  His strong features combined with the glasses gives him a sharp look.  Although, realistically, this guy can pull off any accessory.

miss A Suzy

Suzy is known to have a youthful "girl next door" image, and glasses illuminate these charms.  Her beauty is especially evident when she ditches the glam and opts for a natural, barefaced look.  In glasses Suzy looks like the quintessential popular girl at school with whom you'd want to be friends and partner up in the lab!

Big Bang G-Dragon

G-Dragon always manages to land a spot in these lists—I guess when you're a certified fashionista, you're able to pull off a wide array of looks.  G-Dragon loves accessorizing, and is snapped in the occasional pair of glasses here and there.  Back in the day he pulled off the cute look, whereas more recently, glasses act as a high-fashion accessory. 

Girls' Generation YoonA

YoonA always looks flawless, so it's no surprise that glasses look great on her doll-like face.  We've seen her in glasses on multiple occasions including music videos, dramas, and candid media shots.  YoonA manages to look intelligent and fashionable at the same time—the glasses add an effortlessly chic feel to every look.


When I think of K-pop idols in glasses, CNU is the first person to pop into my mind.  He wears glasses so often that it's actually weirder for me to see him with no glasses than with glasses on.  He looks perfectly handsome and nerdy at the same time, which matches the lovable personality of B1A4

And that rounds out the list.  Did your favorite artists make the cut?  Who'd I leave out? Comment below! 

  1. 2NE1
  2. Dara
  3. B1A4
  4. CNU
  5. B2ST
  6. Kikwang
  7. Big Bang
  8. G-Dragon
  9. Minho
  10. EXO
  11. Kris
  12. KARA
  13. Hara
  14. miss A
  15. Suzy
  16. SHINee
  17. Girls' Generation
  18. YoonA
  19. IU
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