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Yang Hyun Suk reveals WINNER's debut may be delayed

Yang Hyun Suk, winner
A lot of fans had been waiting for WINNER's February debut, but it seems like they may not debut this month, after all.

Yang Hyun Suk revealed that he was incredibly burdened about WINNER's debut, saying, "As the YG label's WINNER's sunbae Psy, Big Bang, and 2NE1 get more spotlight overseas, naturally the anticipation and interest in YG's music from foreign music insiders and fans increased. The foreign interest in YG is now on WINNER, so I feel a bigger burden than the sunbae YG artists in debuting WINNER."

He added, "Even though WINNER hasn't even officially debuted yet, 8,000 fans came to the fanmeeting they had in November in Japan's Osaka. Because of the effects of the YG sunbaes, Japanese fans have a high interest in WINNER even before they debut. Because of this, WINNER's debut album release is even more burdensome."

He continued, "Lately in Korea, the Disney animation 'Frozen's OST "Let It Go" has taken over the weekly music charts. If you think about it another way, it means that Korean artists and producers has to make better music. I'm included in that, and that also adds onto the burden of WINNER's debut album."

However, even if they feel burdened, the WINNER boys are working hard. Yang Hyun Suk said, "The WINNER members are putting their everything into their debut album, staying up all night in working on the album. I'm also supporting them to the fullest. WINNER members themselves know how important the debut album is. WINNER will include self-composed songs in this album to show fans their color. We were aiming to release the album right after the end of 'WINNER TV' at the end of this month. However, the finishing touches are taking longer to make an even better album so it might be later."

Well, it's not YG Entertainment if it's not delayed. But they've also always brought amazing music, so WINNER's (maybe delayed) debut is still something to look forward to!

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