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Taeyeon expresses her love for Girls' Generation' and for singing


Girls' Generaton's Taeyeon was a guest on a recent episode ofJonghyun's MBC radio program 'Blue Night' and talked about her love for Girls' Generation and singing.

She said, "I was born as Girls' Generation and as a result, I want to remain as Girls' Generation before the public until the end. We among the members want to protect one another. Even when we get to the point that we can't wear high heels and dance because of advanced age, I wish we would consider ourselves to be Girls' Generation. I want to protect all nine of us."

Jonghyun then said, "While promoting as a team, you must have some ambitions about solo work and a desire to show your unique musical color."

Taeyeon said, "People who sing probably think that everyone feels the same about this. There's an empty feeling. I continuously feel somewhat starved. Even when I am promoting, I feel like I want to sing more. I was like that and now think it's a good thing I keep getting these chances. As there are a lot of members, our large goal is to show things differently in different areas."

Jonghyun said, "Girls' Generation is really busy, but when they are not promoting an album and are taking a break, what do they usually do?"

Taeyeon replied, "During our breaks, we stay at home and we watch stuff on YouTube a lot. We look up and watch a lot of live videos and even make cupcakes like the one I gave you as a present today."

In relation to the upcoming album, Taeyeon said, "You can explain it in two ways: mystery and plot twists."

Stay tuned for more updates on 'Mr.Mr,' which was originally supposed to be released on February 24, but may be delayed due to the loss of MV data.

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