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Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for the month of January 2014

By GhostWriter   Thursday, February 6, 2014   36,699   2,622   207



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The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the month of January 2014 (January 1 - January 31) below!

Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking

RankArtist & TitleGAON CountAgency & Distributor
1Girl's Day - Something58,954,242DreamT / Loen
2MC The Max - Wind That Blows57,766,142Music&New / Loen
3Ailee - Singing Got Better51,178,039YMC / Neowiz Internet
4LYn - My Destiny42,588,075SBS Contents Hub / Loen
5Gary ft. Crush - Shower Later42,231,514Leessang Company / Loen
6Hyorin - Hello Goodbye39,661,060SBS Contents Hub / Loen
7TVXQ - Something38,693,382SM / Kt music
8K.Will - Like A Star38,374,350SBS Contents Hub / Loen
9Rain - LA SONG37,251,553Cube DC / Loen
10IU ft. Jang Yi Jeong - Friday35,375,274Loen Tree / Loen

Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking

RankArtist & AlbumAlbum SalesLabel & Distributor
1TVXQ - Tense194,198SM / Kt music
2B1A4 - Who Am I99,675Pony Canyon
3Jaejoong - WWW Cleaning the Makeup (Repackage)50,000C-JeS / A&G Modes
4Rain - Rain Effect35,685Loen
5VIXX - Voodoo21,675 (Total Sales: 84,635)CJ E&M
6EXO - XOXO Repackaged (Kiss Ver.)17,096 (Total Sales: 352,919)SM / Kt music
7EXO - Miracles in December (Korean Ver.)15,085 (Total Sales: 277,910)SM / Kt music
8Gary - Mr. Gae10,791Loen
9EXO - Miracles in December (Chinese Ver.)10,601 (Total Sales: 182,145)SM / Kt music
10Kim Kwang Seok - Kim Kwang Seok Best9,968CJ E&M

Online Downloads For The Month

RankArtist & TitleDownload CountLabel & Distributor
1MC The Max - Wind That Blows668,927Music&New / Loen
2Girl's Day - Something661,811DreamT / Loen
3Ailee - Singing Got Better607,741YMC / Neowiz Internet
4Gary ft. Crush - Shower Later526,428Leessang Company / Loen
5Hyorin - Hello Goodbye452,661SBS Contents Hub / Loen
6K.Will - Like A Star451,509SBS Contents Hub / Loen
7Rain - LA SONG450,749Cube DC / Loen
8LYn - My Destiny439,463SBS Contents Hub / Loen
9TVXQ - Something383,960SM / Kt Music
10MC The Max - We In The Past380,967Music&New / Loen

Online Streams For The Month

RankArtist & TitleStreaming CountLabel & Distributor
1MC The Max - Wind That Blows17,091,151Music&New / Loen
2Girl's Day - Something16,483,368DreamT / Loen
3IU ft. Jang Yi Jeong - Friday14,809,097Loen Tree / Loen
4LYn - My Destiny14,481,856SBS Contents Hub / Loen
5Ailee - Singing Got Better13,470,564YMC / Neowiz Internet
6K.Will - Like A Star10,015,349SBS Contents Hub / Loen
7Rain - LA SONG9,895,876Cube DC / Loen
8Gary ft. Crush - Shower Later9,554,649Leesang Company / Loen
9MC The Max - We In The Past9,092,242Music&New / Loen
10Wheesung ft. Junhyung - Heartsore Story8,747,999Nominate / CJ E&M

  1. B1A4
  2. Ga In
  3. EXO
  4. Girl's Day
  5. Jaejoong
  6. Hyorin
  7. TVXQ
  8. VIXX
  9. IU
  10. K.Will
  11. Lyn
  12. Ailee
  13. Rain
  14. Gary
  15. Wheesung
  16. MC the Max
  17. gaon

hiroonakamura Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rain - LA SONG is probably the best song in January (and im not even a rain fan). It deserved to do much better on the charts than it did, especially what with it being his long awaited comeback and all.

Crazy also how few units his album sold.

tvxqfangril85 Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wah!! Can't believe how well TVXQ is doing on physical and digital sells. This is their best comeback as a duo thus far. Congratz to my JJ and to Rain oppa as well.

runningmanalways Saturday, February 8, 2014


leesigh3 Saturday, February 8, 2014 B1A4 so unpopular that they can't even sell 50% of what TVXQ sells without being accused of cheating? I thought people were saying that B1A4 outsold TVXQ. Selling 50% as much isn't really that suspicious.

turtley Saturday, February 8, 2014

you see 99k is already suspicious bcs groups that can sell that much are TVXQ, Suju, BigBang, SNSD, (Maybe Infinite) and B1A4 isnt at their level yet. so altho it's just 50% of TVXQ it's still doesnt make sense. Rain doesnt even sell that much

leesigh3 Saturday, February 8, 2014

@turtley But people hate Rain B1A4's last album sold over 100k copies and they are clearly a group on the rise. So I don't think it's weird.

megamanx Saturday, February 8, 2014

@turtley Would you say B1A4 is on BAP level? Because BAP sold over 90k a few times and regularly in 70k-80k range.

leesigh3 Saturday, February 8, 2014

It's like GOT7 never even existed...

good_engineer Saturday, February 8, 2014

i thought rain is like a super popular superstar in korea. but why does this chart doesn't show it?

ballerz14_20 (Banned) Friday, February 7, 2014

This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. (Reason: spammer)

wontontina Friday, February 7, 2014

People can't say Rain and Gary flopped bc they made like every single chart

zaia Friday, February 7, 2014

i see Rain there and i'm happy :))))

topismybtch Friday, February 7, 2014

THIS CHART. This chart proves how sketchy it was for B1A4 to win over TVXQ in the music shows -_-

First, I do not see b1a4's song in the digital top 10. And for albums, TVXQ sold 100000 more than b1a4 so how the hell did they win....

I know its not b1a4's fault but their company is so dumb doing this -_- Just when b1a4 was starting to get popular due to Sandeul and Baro.

btflthought Friday, February 7, 2014


turtley Saturday, February 8, 2014

i think B1A4 won since weekly music shows count album sales per week only. not the cumulative. so since TVXQ came back first their album sales dropped on the next week where B1A4 came out and their sales were "higher" than TVXQ.

itskhemicated Monday, February 10, 2014

TVXQ released their album first. On the first week of January, to be more specific. B1A4 released their album on the 3rd week of January. So, it is normal that TVXQ will win over B1A4 for the month of January since the first group released it first, making an edge for two weeks. And music shows rank the songs weekly, not monthly.

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