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Posted by alim1762 pts Sunday, December 22, 2013

Top Ten K-Pop Christmas songs of 2013!

Crayon Pop, EXO, SECRET, BESTie, AlphaBAT, BH (Bom&Hi)

It is that time of year again when K-Pop artists are releasing special holiday songs with a jolly good cheer for all of their fans, whether it be a collaboration under one agency or creating a cover of a Christmas classic.

As Christmas is just a few days away, I have compiled a list of the top ten Christmas songs of the year! Granted, there weren't too many choices, but these K-Pop artists really did not disappoint with the songs they released this year. Check out the songs below to amp up your spirits for the upcoming holiday festivities! Create a playlist! Put this playlist on repeat and perhaps play it for your family while you gather around to open presents. Then dance around in your unsightly but endearing Christmas sweaters and warm knitted stockings!


1. Mystic89 Family - "Christmas Wishes"

This is just an adorable and super catchy song that will have you swaying your head back and forth with your eyes closed. All the artists under this agency have especially unique and soothing voices that will ease away any stress towards the end of the year. Really, any song that features Kim Ye Rim (Lim Kim)'s voice just automatically sounds amazing to my ears. But honestly, even her voice has some competition in this song because Yoon Jong Shin just knows how to pick 'em.

2. Big Hit Entertainment - "Perfect Christmas"

This song is more jazzy snazzy than cutesy. I don't know if that makes any sense until you listen to this song. Once you press play, you will know what I mean. Whether intentional or not, each of their voices has this sort of subtle sass that gives the appropriate attitude for this song. In a way, when they're saying, "This is the perfect time of the year," it almost makes you feel like you should be saying, "Damn right it is."

3. Starship Entertainment - "Snow Candy"

This is definitely one of my favorite K-Pop Christmas songs this year. It is just so cheerful and sweet, you want dance around your room with a stuffed reindeer. K.Will's voice especially melts my heart, but the raps are a nice touch, too. It's too bad, though, that Dasom is MIA in this MV. She must have been too busy with her drama, but hopefully, she will get some time to herself during the holidays!

4. Cube Entertainment - "Christmas Song"

Could they have come up with a more original song title? Yes. But, well, they got to the point. This song has the same cutesy vibe as most other Christmas songs, but has a little bit more of a classy feel, especially as it includes the nice sound of the saxophone. The nice thing about these entertainment agency Christmas songs is that it allows for a variety of voices that complement each other well in harmony.

5. Bom&Hi (Park Bom & Lee Hi) - "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

This is the only song on the list that is a cover of a Christmas classic rather than an original composition. "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is one of the most popular and frequently covered Christmas songs, but the girls still did a good job of making it their own. They slowed down the tempo and used their seductive voices to get their listeners hooked on this romantic rendition.

6. Crayon Pop - "Lonely Christmas"

Despite the whole plagiarism controversy, it is hard not to include this happy, quirky take on the holiday season since it reaches out to those who do not have a significant other for Christmas. Plus, the girls look so adorable in their outfits and how can you get that "Nananana" out of your head?

7. AlphaBAT - "Surprise Party"

Despite being new to the scene, rookie boy group AlphaBAT knows what's up when it comes to celebrating the Christmas season with a cute holiday song. The whole concept of the song is very cute since they are planning a surprise party (if you could not tell by the spoiler title)!

8. EXO - "Miracles In December"

I just couldn't exclude this song because it is so beautiful and moving. Rather than coming out with a cheerful and cute song, EXO decided to explore a different aspect of Christmas in a "You Raise Me Up" kind of way. It isn't all about fun festivities and holiday cheer. It's also about sweet romance and the miracles of life (only in December, folks).

9. BESTie - "Zzang Christmas"

Back to the cheerful songs that bemoan the lack of a significant other! This aspect makes the song a bit cuter, especially the beginning where the song starts off very soothing and romantic until they express their frustration at spending Christmas without their beloved through quite some impressive singing. Definitely a group to watch out for.

10. SECRET - "I Do I Do"

Last but not least is SECRET's cute song "I Do I Do," which they sang in an impressive continuous shot MV. The song is so catchy that I would randomly get the "Yes, I do, I do, do I do," part stuck in my head for long periods of time. It has an amazing hook and I love the whole jazzy muted trumpet sound in the background!

This is the only time of the year you can really enjoy these songs without feeling like you're doing something wrong! Christmas music in July? Doesn't really work, does it? Maybe in some parts of the southern hemisphere? Anyways, enjoy it as much as you can before Christmas is over and make sure you have a wonderful holiday season!

Check back in on Christmas Day for some eye candy as we compile a list of idol stars in Christmas apparel!

  1. Crayon Pop
  2. EXO
  4. BESTie
  5. AlphaBAT
  6. BH (Bom&Hi)
  8. MYSTIC89
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