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[Spoilers] Heejun Han from 'American Idol' starts fresh on 'K-Pop Star 3'

For viewers of the popular American audition program 'American Idol', one of the contestants on the first episode of SBS's 'K-Pop Star 3' would have seemed very familiar, and with good reason: one of the entrants included Heejun Han, a Korean-American who made it to the Top 10 during his appearance on season 11 of 'American Idol'.

Although already successful in America, he revealed his wish to try his luck in Korea. "This isn't about my career as a singer, but about my identity as a Korean. I felt that I had to start again in Korea," he said.

He passed with flying colors, with all three judges giving him a thumbs-up. "I had the impression that I was looking at a professional stage," Yoo Hee Yeol said. "But I felt that you really need to have the mindset of starting over with a blank slate."

For Yang Hyun Suk, who had never seen Heejun in action before, he advised him to keep up his appearances. "You're very polite, your words are bright, and you make people feel better," he said. "I felt that your performance might have been better if you had performed a Korean song."

Check out the full episode below! (Heejun's performance comes at 5:20 in the second video.)

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