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Crayon Pop reveal they felt pressure concerning their follow-up song after 'Bar Bar Bar'

Crayon Pop
Crayon Popconfessed that they felt pressure about a follow-up song after their breakout song of the year "Bar Bar Bar".


'Entertainment Relay' met up with Crayon Pop on the set of their 'Caffe Bene' CF. When asked what their name means, leader ChoA explained, "When you think of crayons, you think of a variety of colors. Like how we're wearing various colors, we wanted to approach the public in a friendly way and added the word, pop, to become Crayon Pop."

When asked which is their favorite parody of "Bar Bar Bar", they chose the kindergarten and elementary school students' parody as one of the most memorable. The reporter asked, "It seems like you would have some burden about the follow-up song." Crayon Pop replied, "We have a lot. When we first received 'Bar Bar Bar', it didn't seem like it would do well. But somehow we were able to make it. We believe that we could do it again."

Watch their adorable segment below:

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