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Posted by miketastic Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WBW: Top 10 Songs from 10 Years Ago

Eun Ji Won, Lee Hyori, Baek Ji Young, Wheesung, YB, Yoon Do Hyun, Lee Soo Young

Something I always wanted to do on Way Back Wednesday was to devote one post a month and revisit the biggest hits from the same month, 10 years ago. I know most of you like reading about more recent groups but I think there's a strong enough base of old school K-pop fans who like the older jams and don't mind a trip down memory lane. Plus, 10 years isn't a huge amount of time so my guess is that many of you will be able to recognize the singers and songs on these lists.

This week's Way Back Wednesday will travel back to September of 2003. For some, it's just a reminder of the music we grew up with and for others, it might be an educational experience. Enjoy!

Kim Jin Pyo - "The Remaining Story"

Originally debuting in 1995 as one half of the duo Panic (alongside singer Lee Juk) Kim Jin Pyo became a leader in the Korean hip hop world as the first to release a full rap based album in Korea.

Cherry Filter - "Flying Duck"

Cherry Filter has been a mainstay on the K-pop, punk-pop scene since 1999 but 2003 was probably their biggest year winning multiple awards and having this song hit #1 on the music charts.

Baek Ji Young - "Smile"

From her 2003 with her 4th album,"Smile" followed the Latin sound that made her famous but because of her controversial past, she couldn't properly perform or promote the song and took a three year break before returning for good.

Kim Kyung Ho - "Father"

The rock balladeer belted this ode to all dads on his 7th album 'Open Your Eyes'. This was also when he cut his hair and looked more like a soccer mom than rocker.

Eun Ji Won - "Drunk in Melody"

After his run with the legendary Sechskies, Eun Ji Won started to make a name for himself as a rapper. "Drunk in Melody" is off his 3rd solo album and this is the first solo song of his that I remember. By the way, the comment on the YouTube page by user BBLove247 cracked me up.

Yoon Do Hyun Band - "I'll Forget You"

Even with all of their hits, "I'll Forget You" from the band's 6th album is still my personal favorite. Rock and roll baby!

JTL - "Without Your Love"

From the 2nd album of the group formerly known as 'The H.O.T members that SM didn't want to keep', JTL had their share of fans but just didn't have the staying power which was a shame. I still can't understand what SM was thinking at the time. You're making money hand over fist... just work it out with everyone and keep the train moving.

Lee Soo Young - "Solitary"

To be honest, I wasn't a huge Lee Soo Young fan when she first debuted back in 1999 but now, I totally recognize her almost hauntingly, unique voices and I was rooting for her when she appeared on 'I Am a Singer'. Since then, I haven' t heard much from her but she is a wife and a mother so maybe she's just spending some good ole family time.

Wheesung - "With Me"

Wheesung burst onto the scene when he released his first album in 2002 with his totally original baritone, R&B voice which was new to many K-pop fans. His 2nd album 'It's Real' featured this hit song which, if I'm not mistaken, included Teddy from 1TYM; at least on the album version.

Lee Hyori - "10 Minutes"

Well, I think it's safe to say that Hyori's first stab at a solo career was a monumental success. "10 Minutes" was the most popular song of the year and the song that launched an extraordinary career that still has her at the top of the game ten years later.


There you have it, the Top 10 Songs from 10 Years Ago. What songs from 2003 were you listening to back in the day?

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