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Yang Hyun Suk explains the delay for the Girls' Generation type girl group he planned to debut


YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk recently spoke up about the delay for the girl group he had planned to debut.

He attended the premiere showcase for Mnet's 'WHO IS NEXT:WIN' where he explained the reasoning behind the delay. "In all honesty, I wanted to create a group like Girls' Generation. It's not an area where I'm an expert in but I wanted to create a group of pretty girls who could sing well. I don't know if it's because of a tendency I have, but I focus more on talent over looks. Even if someone is so beautiful, if they don't have the talent that I want, it won't work."

He continued, "I was also quite jealous of Girls' Generation. I thought...what if a bunch of pretty girls do hip hop? When I look at Wonder Girls I always thought it would be fun if they sang YG style songs. However, as time passed, my plans started to fall apart. I originally chose the girls because they had cute faces, but since they fell short on the talent I had required, it went from dozens of girls to only 6 left. Even at this point, I still don't think I can be 100% satisfied. I'm not sure if the group will consist of 5 members or 3."

Yang Hyun Suk also said that he may debut a boy group first, "I'm going to think more carefully about the girl group. I'm thinking of debuting a boy group first. If it's a girl group, it will be this year. At the latest, I plan on introducing them in the beginning of next year."

Meanwhile, 'WIN' is a survival program about 11 YG trainees who have been trainees for several years. The trainees will be divided into two teams--Team A and Team B. The winning team who will acquire the title 'WINNER' will then debut as a group.


You can watch the first episode of 'WIN' on Mnet and tvN on August 23! The program will air in over 10 Asian countries beginning on September 17.

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