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Crayon Pop explain they got their concept from DJ DOC, not Japan's Momoiro Clover Z

Crayon Pop, DJ DOC
Controversy has popped up that Crayon Pop copied their unique concept for "Bar Bar Bar" from Japan's Momoiro Clover Z.

Photos comparing the two groups popped up online, including the girls' track suits, their 'Power Rangers' pose, and the name tags they always utilize, on and off stage. 

Crayon Pop explained the concept by saying,

We are the female DJ DOC (legendary Korean group). DOC is our role model. The track suit concept from 'Dancing Queen' was originally a concept just for the promotions, and it's true that we got inspiration from DJ DOC, who are the girls' role models. We thought it fit the kicking and the energetic choreography, and we chose it because it was a concept girl groups hadn't done before on stage. After that, they wore the school uniforms on top of their track suits to create the 'school uniform-track suit- concept, and this concept has been continuing onto the 'Bar Bar Bar' promotions.
The name tag on the chest is used in all the music shows' dry rehearsals to tell rookies apart, and that day, it also became an idea, so they wore it on the actual performance as well.
The helmets were suggested by a member to emphasize the head at the 'Jumping' parts. (To emphasize the energy ball move, gloves were used). Since it also matched 'Bar Bar Bar's cartoon song theme, we decided on the concept.
Also, the helmet concept was used by other musicians such as 45rpm and Daft Punk.

DJ DOC in 2010:

  1. Crayon Pop
  2. DJ DOC
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