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LOEN Entertainment responds to C-JeS' lashing out, C-JeS answers back

By jennywill   Tuesday, July 9, 2013   30,840   232   133



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After C-JeS Entertainment revealed that LOEN Entertainment had changed their terms for Junsu's promotions, LOEN Entertainment revealed their own stance.

LOEN Entertainment said, "Right now, we're still in the stages of discussing the terms of Junsu's album promotion contracts. We haven't signed the contract, and there's nothing confirmed. Since there's nothing confirmed, we can't reveal the details. But one thing that is definite is that the article was released before anything was fully decided."

They added, "Junsu's label said that we closed all the events, but they're still all going on. During the contract signing stages, opinions can go back and forth all the time during the negotiation process. We could have talked this out, and we're shocked that they said we broke the contract. If it's like C-JeS said, Junsu's showcase event page on Melon's homepage should have been taken down, but it's still open and functioning normally. We're also going to reveal the chosen fans to attend the showcase on the 11th, as scheduled".

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However, C-JeS Entertainment responded, "We sent our statement after receiving the sudden news 6 days before the showcase. We also told them that if they did not answer, we'd be spreading this to the media. But we had no answer. LOEN Entertainment says that we were still in the stages of negotiating and that we hadn't signed the contract, but we started the pre-orders and even started receiving entries for the showcase event. If we didn't have the contract, shouldn't none of this happened?"

They added, "Junsu is busy with international CF filming and his Thailand schedule. The reason he planned this showcase is because he wanted to show himself to the public. Since he can't come out freely on broadcast, we prepared a free showcase to show his stage through Melon TV. Since the label is paying for the showcase, if Melon TV will not air it, there's no reason to just have this exclusively for Melon customers. We've currently asked LOEN Entertainment to answer until the afternoon of the 9th (KST). If this doesn't get fixed, the label will invite the fans, and the event will be canceled."

Source: TV Report, Newsen

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liannangel2004 Friday, July 12, 2013

With only 6 days left, the contract has yet to be signed? What a confusing situation. So much is always happening to the JYJ members! :(

ilollipop Wednesday, July 10, 2013

i know this has already been cleared up, but seriously, C-Jes should know better by now. Considering they always have to deal with the law and contracts, shouldnt they be more prepared in making things official with contracts... if they go about things with verbal agreements, then they wont be moving forward any time soon. Sadly the world doesnt really work that way... next time they should make sure that the contract is signed before they complain about it being broken... sorry, just had to express my slight disapointment in them...

Pennyhofs Wednesday, July 10, 2013

well he is nothing without the stupid fangirls, so it's about right that cjes desperately wants the big promotion. I say good luck, but be careful after this u will dubbed as a whinny company, once u make a little mistake they could easily backfire at you. ;

_xoxo Wednesday, July 10, 2013

LOL its obviously wrong to use something that doesnt belong to you without permission. CJES could sue but they seem to be taking it calmly so idk what you mean by "whinny company". moreoever, JYJ have a lot of public recognition so you should check your facts before running your mouth.

Phan2~ Wednesday, July 10, 2013

why...why why everyone always make life getting hard for junsu and JYJ.....i need justice for them just once, can? :((((

jculture Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Everyone knows JYJ brings in one of the largest sum of money in the industry. And no surprise everyone wants to have a piece of the share, but no one has the guts to stand up against external pressure. For this, I respect BCJ regardless of how shitty his history is and how he might still be the same. For sure he is in this for the money (the whole industry is) but there are only very few people like him who would take JYJ on and turn against pretty much the entire industry. And I have to say he's been doing really well sticking up for the boys. So keep it up C-Jes! If people say that C-Jes is playing dirty by blackmailing, I wonder what the tricks "external pressures" are playing is called.

suzyuen Wednesday, July 10, 2013

agreed with you.. honestly, who else does NOT work for Money/living, except those volunteer.

teddy001 Tuesday, July 9, 2013 ;

it sucks that SK doesn't let LOEN artists advertise their products since they own nearly half the company but why chose SM ARTISTS? You can see SULLI and SJ and SNSD on their SKTELECOM twitter photos/videos

teddy001 Tuesday, July 9, 2013

credit: ;

cuteemcdeckI'm gonna go ahead & comment ride. This is common knowledge to people in Korea but international fans (like myself) have to go out of their way to look this shit up.

SM Entertainment is on good terms with SK Telecom. Many SM fans already know that this year, Yoona, Kyuhyun, Minho, & Sulli just made a CF for the company.

1 - ;SK Telecom owns MelOn.

2 - In December 2011, LOEN Entertainment announced that SK Planet (a subsidiary of SK Telecom) bought 4.09% of their company's stock. There are two other subsidiaries of SK Telecom that already have a stake in LOEN, & collectively ;SK Telecom owns 67.59% of LOEN. ;You can also go to LOEN's official website & see the graph there. ;

Short version: SM & SK Telecom have a business relationship. SK Telecom owns more than half of LOEN. LOEN is fucking up Junsu's promotions.

This is why everyone is up in arms over this bs over Junsu's album.

Get your facts together people :3

teddy001 Tuesday, July 9, 2013


This second comment is directed if SM had their hands in this. If SM still have their blacklist on JYJ, SCREW YOU. All the Entertainment Company should all just BLACKLIST SM ENTERTAINMENT. LOEN should hurry up and buy all their stocks back from SK because I feel like those stupid rich chaebols might end up RAPING IU or FIESTAR or SUNNY HILL or ZIA and might even let their ugly plastic rich daughters to play around and use HISTORY. ;


teddy001 Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We all know that C-JES Entertainment CEO is run by BAEK CHANG JOO. Baek chang joo is a mobster who runs underground bar and put girls in prostitution houses. I'm surprised Song Ji hyo is still dating that old man. Since she got no choice because dumping him will make her life a living hell. JYJ might had been blackmailed into his company or had no choice but to go to C-JES Entertainment. ;CEO Baek Chang Joo used the now deceased mobster named Kim Tae Chon to threaten Kwon Sang Woo into a slave contract also. ;Why, ;if it isn't ;Baek Chang Joo, the man that went to jail because he used Kim Tae Chon ;to threaten Kwon Sang Woo into signing a 2 year contract!!!! That CEO is always blackmailing people. I'm not surprised if he was the one who ruined DBSK-5. We all know LOEN Entertainment works well with other company such as STARSHIP ENT, TS ENT, JYP, DREAM TEA, NEGA, B2M, WOLLIM, AND MANY MORE on concerts and distribution stuffs.

I think that there were some mis-communication between CJES and LOEN but CJES should have not threaten in the form of black mailing to send it to the media. It's like the only form of negotiation that CJES could afford is by BLACK-MAILING. Just like its mobster CEO. ;

VoiceOfReason Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The majority of us *and* JYJ are well aware of Baek Chang Joo's past history with Kwon Sang Woo and jail term he served for it. BCJ himself acknowledges his past history but feels his actions going forward from that time in his life are where the focus should be. As far as your other insinuations... I assume you are aware he sued AVEX for trying to slander his name with many of these same allegations and won that lawsuit. My advice to you is to be very careful of what you are trying to spread if you cannot provide documentation or evidence to back it up. I also could name a few "executives" in the SK & JP entertainment industry who have shades of gray in their past but I'm sure you will just as quickly try to shut me down for it. Detractors really need to back off of this subject... it's the first thing you all try to pull out when you come here to try to discredit JYJ and their agency. As far as I am concerned, what C-JeS is doing with regard to this LOEN matter is the ONLY option they have at the moment and that is to apply pressure to LEON with a backlash of public opinion. C-JeS & JYJ have experienced this "last minute" abandonment too many times by spineless companies who give in to the attempts of the industry to continue to blacklist them for a civil lawsuit between two parties which has now been resolved. They are 5 days away from the start of a promotion that has been in the planning for several months and they have been screwed over once again... somebody needs to answer for that and if C-JeS has the documentation that can prove LOEN gave them a reasonable belief that there was not going to be any issues with the planned campaign, then I think they have every right to use it against LOEN... that's the way f**king business works and apparently it worked on LOEN because they were pretty quick to provide that response they were previously ignoring. There's NOTHING here to call blackmail... C-JeS & JYJ have every right to be angry about this type of continued treatment by the SK entertainment industry. Anyone who is frustrated trying to work in a system that continuously uses an invisible hand to undermine their success would do the same.

VoiceOfReason Tuesday, July 9, 2013

UPDATE... apparently C-JeS' tactic worked. Just in... Hello. This is CJeS representative Baek Changju. Yesterday our dispute of business consultation with LOEN entertainment has been amicably resolved. Yesterday evening, LOEN executives met up with our representatives and in due course, we received the official position to move forward with all promotional marketing activities as well as the online and offline distribution of XIA (Junsu) 2nd album. In the meantime, with many fans hoping that XIA (Junsu) showcase will be broadcasted live to the world via Melon TV, LOEN was able to keep their promise to their customers. As promotions for XIA (Junsu) 2nd album has normalized, we will be able to show a fair stage for people who love music. The director and the media planning team would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for sending us a lot of public support with each of the issues raised. We will repay with a variety of activities upon the release of XIA (Junsu) 2nd album and the Asia tour. Source: C-JeS

suzyuen Wednesday, July 10, 2013

@VoiceOfReason what a shame of Korean Music Industry...

aimuffin Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This is really distressing. It's a wonder Junsu (and all of JYJ for that matter) hasn't grown tired of all of this yet. Seriously there's always something at every turn when they don't deserve this.

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