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HaHa doesn't get angry even when his son's excrement lands on his face

HaHa gushed about how he is blind with love as a new father.

On a recent broadcast of SBS Power FM's 'Kim Chang Ryul's Old School', Haha was a guest and shared, "I am visiting the postpartum care center these days. Now that I have experience changing his diaper, I realized what a wonderful son he is. Because my son is still young, he can't control his bowel movements so he once farted and his excrement landed on my face. But I didn't get angry. It was so lovable. The old me probably would've gotten angry if poop landed on my face." He then joked, "But I feel like I could even eat my son's excrement."

Netizens commented, "HaHa has become a fool for his son now", "It's nice to see his loving side as a father", and "It's both funny and nasty on how he jokes that he could even eat his son's excrement."


HaHa and Skull will hold their 'Skull&HaHa Concert - REGGAErilla' at Songang University's Merry Hall in Seoul on August 17.

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