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Nana hospitalized after second check up on her injury + After School to promote as 6 for the time being

After School, Nana

Earlier today, After School's Nana was said to be recuperating after a fall from the stage and that she seemed to have suffered no serious injuries. However, Pledis Entertainment has just revealed that the idol has just recently gone through a second check up after she continued to experience pain.


With the additional check up, it's been found that there is severe shock and contusion to her pelvic region, so Nana has been hospitalized. 


As expected, she'll be halting all her activities and focus solely on recovering. This also means that the group, who is currently missing Lizzy due to her own injury, will be promoting as 6 members for now.


The agency said, "Accrording to the exam results, there is fortunately no damage to the bone, but as the pain continues and various symptoms have been discovered, we will be canceling all her activities and she'll be getting rest to recover."


Although we'll miss Nana on stage, we hope she'll be getting plenty of rest to make a quick and complete recovery!

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