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Posted by AKP STAFF Monday, February 25, 2013

Stardom Entertainment accuse former employees of deceiving Block B


It has been revealed through a Newsen report that Stardom Entertainment has taken legal action against previous company employees.

The company has filed a lawsuit against the previous label CEO "Mr. Kim", the manager "Mr. Lee", and a "Mr. Kang" for conspiracy while listing theBlock B members as witnesses. The action was taken because Stardom Entertainment felt something was amiss, saying, "We suspected that there was a mastermind behind this when Block B filed the injunction and we requested Block B's letter of attorney from the other side, but we never got an answer. We also had meetings with some of the members' parents. Even they did not know who was behind the charges and who was paying for the lawsuit fees. They did not even know where some of the members were residing at the moment."

After the incident, the two parties had a few documents exchanged going back and forth. However, the letter of attorney was received from the members' and some of the parents at a much later date. Not only that, but the date was forged, so it was found that someone had to have access to private documents if they were being forged.

Stardom Entertainment explained that they had submitted the proof and related documents to the prosecutors stating, "Mr. Kim and the others who have been accused of being the masterminds had purposely deceived the company while they were stillemployed. They embezzled part of the event payments and purposely omitted them from the total income records. They used these incidents after they left the company as leverage to deceive the Block B members, and we proved that they have actually led the injunction."

They added, "Mr. Kim and the others have publicly stated to broadcast company employees since last October about their plans to take Block B away from the company. Everyone knows this fact already. They've deceived Block B because the members are still young and innocent. They must be rightfully punished for leading the members to have conflicts with the company."

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